Do the slots rewards in the jackpots change all the time?


The undeniably biggest attraction of the best online slots, either land-based casino slots or online, are the different jackpots that are always on the table for the players. With a wide array of slots out there, the jackpot offerings are bound to be varied to suit player preferences and budgets.

Today, you can expect any slot to come with one of the four major jackpot types; heftier jackpots come with the low-RTP online slots commonly. Players are usually intrigued about the value of the jackpot in every slot and the possibility of it changing with the size of the stake placed.

To help you clarify this aspect a little better, we offer below the main types of jackpots and their designs so that you know what to expect when you are slotting for a jackpot next time.

1.       Regular Stand-alone Jackpot

These slots are more all-encompassing in terms of player budgets as they can be won even with smaller bets. It is often considered the best hand to play for beginners. In terms of payout, this jackpot is a modest one as compared to other options available these days.

2.       Stand-alone Progressive Jackpots

This slot is becoming more common nowadays due to its increasing demand on single machines as they drive the players crazy with their value increasing with every spin. A stand-alone progressive jackpot is an amplified version of the stand-alone jackpot; every spin that you play adds a percentage to the stand-alone jackpot, and ultimately, the overall jackpot keeps getting more and more attractive due to its amplifying monetary value. It is, however, limited in terms of winning odds for the players and its non-availability for the online slot players.

3.       Proprietary Jackpots

These jackpots can turn the tables for any player with their massive payouts. You can also identify it as an independent jackpot. Usually, casinos have an entire network of interlinked slot machines for these jackpots. The bets and wins from all the players on this network are accumulated, and in the end, one of the players gets it all! Since the reward is so hefty, the risk is even bigger as you will hardly be able to go near the chance of hitting this jackpot if you are playing with in-game bonus offers.

4.       Progressive Jackpots

To make the online slot gamers happy, casino brands have designed the most attractive jackpot offering for them in the form of progressive jackpots. They can be enjoyed by players across cities and countries, and the payouts are incomparably huge. But just like any other heavily paying jackpot, the chances of hitting this one are also scarce.

Now that you know about the types of jackpots available, you can expect some of them to have high-paying rewards with every new bet, depending on which type of slot you are playing. All the jackpots have their limitations in terms of winning odds, but the thrill of winning the life-changing sums is what makes them worth the risk.

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