How To Pick A Good Corporate Event Catering Service


Corporate events offer a huge opportunity to market your company’s work and it also gives employees exposure to doing something different from regular office desk work. It is also a great opportunity to network and connect with people from other industries. Food and catering are some of the most important affairs when it comes to corporate events and is directly proportionate to the event’s success.

Thus hiring a good corporate event catering service provider becomes a challenging yet most crucial task.

The event is mostly remembered for its food.

This article gives you insights into selecting the right caterer for your event.


For conducting any occasion, be it a wedding or corporate event it is a crucial step to choose the perfect spot for the event. Location is the first step to judge the companies standards. Therefore you should navigate the surrounding areas of the location where you are planning to host the event. The venue should be at a place that is easily accessible and convenient for both the caterers and the guests. After conducting a quick scan, look if there is any local catering service provider near the venue. See if you can find any references. If you fail to find one, then search for the provider who can arrange all the catering and foodstuff somewhere near your location.

  • Make a Budget estimation

Initially, before planning and arranging resources, you need to determine your budget. Make an overall estimation of how much money you intend to spend on the event decorations, venue, food, etc. After making an overall estimation, try to allocate resources department wise for instance how much money you can spend on food and how much on the venue. Budget in event planning is very important. It gives you a clear direction to initiate the process. Therefore a detailed budget estimation should be there.

  • Plan A Variety Of Food Options

Before you select a corporate event catering service provider, you should always anticipate the food in terms of nutrition and quality. Include as many fruits and vegetables as your budget allows. It is a psychological fact that when a person sees fresh fruits and vegetables, it tends to give him a relaxing feeling. You should check their catalogs and brochures and get an idea about their food specializations. Also, watch their serving arrangements via events they have already organized. After all, food is the main treat to your event and thus selecting the right caterer requires time and patience. After scanning the services which the caterer offers, you should jump on your event menu.

Corporate event catering should include both types of food- vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Because you would want both the kind of food lovers to enjoy their respective tastes. But to make your corporate event exciting, you should include a variety of appetizers options. Look for the caterers who bring uniqueness to the food. For instance, the caterer might install a taco food truck to make it interesting, a small fun food corner for the guests to enjoy. Keep at least two different and unique items in the main course. And do not forget about the dessert. It is the last meal of your food. Therefore try to keep a minimum of 3-4 items in the desserts.

A credible catering service provider will design a customized menu according to the event you are planning to host. There are different types of corporate events like official conferences, annual meetings, corporate parties, award ceremonies, the right caterer amend the menu and bring the best out of it. Discuss with your caterer various menu items, and make sure to arrange dishes considering both the vegan and non-vegan guests.

  • Bar or no bar?

It is often seen that corporate events always have a bar. Guests appreciate a variety of cocktails at official parties. But it is not mandatory. It depends on the type of event your company is hosting.

If you’re holding a corporate award ceremony you would need a bar. But there are many corporate events where bars are not appropriate. Therefore decide which kind of event you are hosting and plan if the bar is required or not. In case you are planning to install one, try to keep the best quality wines and beers to the event. People are very judgemental, especially for cocktails. You would not want to be rated low based on cocktails. Therefore keep an eye on that.

  • Consider An Ongoing Relationship

Good quality corporate catering is generally difficult to find and if you find a good catering service provider, then try to negotiate with it and emphasize a contractual relationship with them. There are plenty of catering services that wish to indulge in a contractual agreement. The company need not invest so much time finding a good caterer thus saving a lot of effort and resources whereas the caterers can make guaranteed money from the same client which will save them some marketing efforts. Thus it is a win/win situation for both the company and the food provider. Also, it could be a great asset for the company as it will cost lesser money in the long term.


Choosing the right caterer is a huge and tedious task but the most important aspect too. But once that area is successful, half of the event is successful. Therefore make your event unforgettable for guests attending it. Try to blend the global cuisine and traditional cuisine of the venue for the main course. For your last meal, include a range of premium gourmet desserts.

It is a good idea to work with caterers and make a contractual relationship for future references. Do not make a quick decision by only considering two or three caterers. Shortlist quite a few catering services and select the ones you like the most. To ensure that the best food is served during different timings, it is important to have a responsible catering service provider who is compassionate about their clients and fulfills the clientele’s needs.

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