The Perfect Personalized Patch for Your Next Campout


Camping is a refreshing activity to enjoy your holidays. It makes you closer to nature and lets you spend time with your family and friends. Also, you can read, play board games and meditate. However, to get ready for camping out, consider using embellishments like embroidered patches.

Today, we will concentrate on how to buy the right personalized patch for this adventurous outdoor activity.

Guide on Choosing the Perfect Customized Patch for Camping Out

Pick High-Quality & Durable Patches

Well, this tip is applicable for other sorts of trips, activities, or uses as well. We recommend always focusing on quality when buying customized patches. This way, you can proudly say that your money was spent well.

The prime factor in this context is durability. As camping is an outdoor activity, you and your clothes will be exposed to various atmospheric changes. For instance, dust, wind, rain, and direct sunlight. Your patches should have the potential to face all that.

To be precise, we will suggest custom PVC patches. They are resistant to so many aspects of nature and can offer great protection to your clothes and even your body. Also, they are in 2D and 3D designs; therefore, being sturdy will not make them boring. You have plenty of options in this regard.

Another pick should be the high-end leather. It is not just luxurious but custom leather patches withstand a lot with proper care. However, leathers come in different types. Make sure to go for original leather material for patches. Investigate the patch sellers concerning the material kinds they provide.

Camping Designs

Next is the selection of artwork for camping patches. Commence with simple and predictable designs, which can include an outdoor scene and landscapes. For example, one custom patch can comprise sun, mountain, river, grass and tent. The latter is the most important as camping requires this fabric shelter to stay outside safely for a while.

Furthermore, we have seen images of darker camping patches too. This depicts the nighttime view. Add stars and a bonfire to complete the look. Consider specifying text to the patch manufacturer as well. For instance, merely ‘camp’ is enough. Or, you can mention the state or the city name where you are camping out.

Also, ask for personalizing one patch with a single symbol, such as a compass or torch. You can opt for designs like guys walking and wearing caps as well as casual summer outfits.

Patches on Camping Clothes & Accessories

First, you should know about the clothes and accessories essential for camping out. The best weather for it is mild, when there is no extreme heat or cold. Therefore, there is no need for bulky outfits. However, you need rain jackets, hiking boots, hats, gloves, swimsuits, shorts and shirts.

Now, the custom patches can go on all of these clothing pieces. Order the sizes accordingly. Also, you require some important accessories, like water bottles, journals, sleeping bags, mobile cases, backpack covers and travel pillows. Select one or multiple patches for these accessories. This will not only beautify the looks but also become your style expression.

Backing Style

Afterwards, you need to choose the correct backing style. As you know that camping is an outdoor trip, hence, just like the quality of patches, you must focus on a good backing type. Let us enlighten you with some, such as iron-on, sew-on, self-stick, and Velcro.

Velcro backing is a good option for being robust. Also, you can attach or detach the patches anytime and anywhere. However, you have to understand the intricacy of hook and loop fasteners. Furthermore, self-stick is very easy to apply, however, it does not seem that sturdy. Therefore, you should avoid using this adhesive for camping.

Sew-on backing keeps the custom patches in their place. Nonetheless, sewing requires more time and apt skills. You have to learn it first before beginning sewing. Another sort is iron-on but it tends to fall off after some washes.


If you love camping, you should get prepared for it. And, not just focus on gathering the accessories or equipment; you should consider beautifying them as well. One of the essential points we have shared here is regarding the selection and use of customized patches.

First, it is compulsory to order patches that can withstand the outer atmosphere and do not fall off quickly. Personalized PVC and leather patches are the best. Embroidery patches can work well too, however, they may not depict the artwork as efficiently as PVC ones.

Next, look for the right camping design for your personalized patches. For instance, pick the symbols that you think can represent this activity well. Also, include scenes or texts. Never forget about picking a sturdy backing for these patches. This way, you do not have to worry about losing your favorite personalized patches.

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