Basic Guide for Apple IPhone Trade In

Basic Guide for Apple IPhone Trade In

There is one sure fire way of disposing of your old iPhone(s) responsibly and even benefit from it and it is known as a trade in. Trade in is a system through which a person turns in an old product and gets a new one at a reduced price. This practice is beneficial to both the buyer and the seller and also our environment; however, that is not our focus in this article.

You can visit this website to understand the benefits of recycling old gadgets.

In this article, our focus is on how to go about trading in your old iPhone for a new one so stay with us.

Check List for iPhone Trade In

When you decide to trade in your old device, there are steps to take to ascertain that your device is qualified for a trade in. These steps include the following:-

Check the Condition of the Device

There are 3 categories under which Apple places every device brought for trade in. These categories state the condition of the gadget and determine the trade-in value and they are as follows:-

  1. Good – This means that the device is in excellent condition and has no discernable issue or damages.
  2. Fair – This means the device has some minor scratches or issues.
  3. Broken – This means that the phone has some major issues such as buttons that are not functioning or a cracked screen.

You are the one to send in an assessment first but note that Apple or whoever you are dealing with will still carry out an inspection to confirm your claims. Therefore it is in your best interest to be honest in order not to waste your time and that of the company.

Visit the Trade–In Website C:\Users\Chisom\Downloads\iphone-trade-in-202010_FMT_WHH.jpeg

Once you have assessed the condition of your device, the next thing is to visit the Apple trade- in website or the website of the dealer that you want to transact with. They will guide you through the process to ascertain what your gadget is worth for the trade in. When you visit the site, the following are the steps that you will take:-

  1. Select the model and configuration of the phone -This is part of the parameters for measuring the trade in value of your device. Read this article if you need help in this regard.
  2. Assessment of the trade-in value of the phone -Apple or whoever you are dealing with will send you an estimate of the worth of the device based on the information you provided in step one. Note as we stated earlier that the condition of the phone will also affect its value.
  3. Look at the review and estimate and see whether it is worth your while- If you find the offer acceptable, you can then go ahead to accept the offer.
  4. Choose your new phone and review the trade-in order – After accepting the trade in offer, the next step is to choose your new phone. You can either choose an instalment payment plan or pay in full for the new gadget. After that, you have to be sure that every detail of the transaction is accurate before signing off on it.

Prepare your Phone for Trade In

After you have completed the above process, you need to prepare the gadget for shipping. Below are the steps to take in preparation for a trade in:-

  1. Backup Data on the Old Phone – Ensure that you back up every data that is important to you. These include your contacts, videos, photos and Apps. You can either use iTunes or iCloud to do this.
  2. Wipe the Phone- You need to wipe clean your device to ensure that no personal information is left on it. You can do this by going from settings to general to erase all content and setting. Follow the prompt and wipe your phone clean of every personal data.
  3. Unpair your Apple Watch if Applicable – If you have an Apple watch that you have paired with the phone, you need to un-pair it so that there’ll be no complications in future.
  4. Disable iCloud Activation Lock – This will enable the new owner to set up the phone without any complication.

Ship the Old Phone and Wait for Confirmation

Apple usually sends a prepaid shipping label for you to ship your phone with. Carefully package the phone and ensure that you send it within the stipulated time frame. Use the label that was provided so that you will not have to spend extra money.

After shipping, you will have to wait for inspection and confirmation. If after inspection, everything checks out, you will get a confirmation message from the dealer stating the value that has been agreed upon. This value will then be added to the payment for the purchase of a new phone.


We have shared a basic guide to trading in iPhone that shows you all the steps to take. We need to emphasize that it is not good for our environment to dispose of your e-waste indiscriminately. This is because most of these gadgets that we use are made up of different components that constitute hazard to the environment.

Take note of this guide even if you are not yet ready to dispose of your phone. The information shared here will surely come in handy when the time comes.

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