What Are the Most Common Dishwasher Problems?


Does your dishwasher leave behind mineral streaks on your plates, glassware, or silverware? Or is your machine cleaning still not up to par even after the filters have been cleaned? Then, you might have a dishwasher problem that needs to be addressed.

People rely heavily on their dishwashers to keep their kitchens clean. However, dishwashers run into issues too.

Many elements could contribute to a dishwasher not performing how it should. Below are the most common dishwasher problems you might encounter.

Dishes Not Getting Clean

When dishes are not getting as clean as they should be, this can be caused by several issues. The first is when dishes are not stacked properly in the dishwasher. Loading the dishwasher correctly with plenty of room for water to circulate around dishes helps ensure that they are properly cleaned.

Another common problem is that the dishwasher is not being loaded with enough detergent. Make sure to use the correct amount of detergent and check the manufacturer’s recommendation.

A clogged filter may be the culprit. The filter should be cleaned regularly by running a cycle with vinegar or any other cleaner. By checking and addressing these factors, dirty dishes can be a thing of the past.

Dishwasher Leaking

Dishwasher leaking is one of the most common dishwasher problems, causing water damage to the area around it and other appliances. The most likely causes of a leaking dishwasher are either a clogged drainage system or a faulty seal around the door.

The draining system can be checked for clogs or other blockages by removing the dish rack and checking the drain for any food or debris, while the seal around the door should be inspected for signs of age or wear.  If there is a leak, the door should be tightened to make a secure seal or the door seal should be replaced entirely.

Foul Odors

If there is a bad smell coming from the dishwasher, it is usually caused by soap residue or food that has been left behind in the filter or the drain system. To eliminate the smell, thoroughly clean out the dishwasher by using a cleaner or vinegar solution to remove all debris.

Additionally, using high-quality home dishwasher detergent and periodically running a dishwasher cleaner cycle can reduce food buildup and improve the longevity of the dishwasher. Making sure that dishes are scraped off all food particles before they are placed in the dishwasher can help to eliminate bad smells, as these items can decay if left in the dishwasher.

Strange Noises

Common dishwasher noises that require attention include buzzing, thumping, groaning, or rattling. If the noises are coming from the motor area, it could mean that the motor or the pump impeller is damaged and needs repair or replacement.

If the noise is coming from the appliance’s door, a broken latch or worn gasket may be the culprit. If you cannot diagnose the problem yourself, it is best to contact a local appliance repair professional to determine the issue and get it fixed or replaced. They can also help you find replacement parts from an appliance part store.

Understand the Common Dishwasher Problems

Dishwashers can be a huge benefit to households, but when they’re broken, it can be a nuisance to fix. The most common dishwasher problems are caused by faulty seals, clogged filters, or blocked jets, but the good news is that these dishwasher issues can all be resolved fairly easily.

Be sure to take proper care of your dishwasher and contact a professional if you need any assistance.

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