Cybersecurity Prediction: Why Is It Important More Than Ever

Whether it’s about protecting an organizational network ecosystem or a personal one the importance of cybersecurity has become much more critical than ever.

Cybersecurity Prediction: Why Is It Important More Than Ever

Whether it’s about protecting an organizational network ecosystem or a personal one – the importance of cybersecurity has become much more critical than ever. Nowadays, even if you are downloading something from a free website, you have to use at least a firewall or VPN. Otherwise, your computer might get hacked by someone else.

The best part is that you can download a firewall and also a VPN from The Pirate Bay. Since its inception, the cybersecurity landscape has been evolving incessantly to counter the threats, and it’ll continue doing so in 2022 as well. Thus, to help you learn about what’s up ahead, we have compiled a list of the viable predictions in this field. Let’s jump right into it.

Top 5 Cybersecurity Predictions To Look Forward To

Are you thinking about creating a cybersecurity roadmap for 2022 and beyond? Then, make sure to keep the following predictions in your list as well.

Prediction – 1: Prioritizing Supply Chain Resiliency 

There was a time when most cybercrimes were directed towards more prominent organizations. However, the scenario has shifted pretty massively since then. Now, most hackers are targeting smaller suppliers and vendors.

It, in turn, has made third-party or supply chain breaches almost inevitable.

Hence, before renewing the contract with their old supplier, most organizations will ask for an agreement on –

  • Assuming and taking responsibilities regarding third-party attacks
  • Paying the remediation expense
  • Taking care of the reputational damage

It will help the company in staying protected from data breaches and reduce its overall cybersecurity risks effectively.

Prediction – 2: Building Security For IoT Devices 

The usage of IoT devices has increased pretty massively in the last few years, and for good reasons as well. However, usually, these services or programs are quite prone to security issues, primarily due to their vulnerable structure.

Hence, alongside machine learning and artificial intelligence, companies will focus on building security for the integrated IoT devices too. Taking such an approach will also be crucial for the organizations that are using 5G bandwidth for their network system.

Prediction – 3: Use Of BAT And CDT Will Increase

The usage of blockchain-enabled tokens has increased pretty quickly since 2020, and it will keep doing so in 2022 too.


In essence, the blockchain-enabled tokens, such as CDT (customer data token) and BAT (basic attention token), are pretty secure. Due to having an excellent level of encryption, it’s impossible for anyone to steal information from them.

Even if they do, the data will be worthless for them as long as they don’t prove that the token is owned by them.

As of now, BAT and CDT are being used for exchanging premium content in the tech world. Nonetheless, you can expect a more casual usage of them in the upcoming years.

Prediction – 4: Spending On Threat Response Will Increase 

Alongside the number, the nature and penetration procedure of the malware and ransomware programs have changed entirely. Therefore, most companies will have to invest a chunk of their budget in the segment of threat response and detection.

Besides, the ways of deploying cybersecurity will change to some extent too. According to a report, the changes in these departments will become evident within the next 12-24 months.

Prediction – 5: Artificial Intelligence Will Be Integrated More Profoundly In Cybersecurity 

The usage of artificial intelligence has already begun in the world of cybersecurity. As of now, it is being used for –

  • Creating an adaptable cybersecurity ecosystem and identifying unknown threats efficiently.
  • Learning about a specific form of malware quickly and countering them automatically during the later instances.
  • Finding and managing vulnerability effectively and taking care of human error and negligence while taking care of security tasks.

Nonetheless, as per a research module, AI will be integrated even more profoundly in the future for –

  • Reducing the number of duplicative procedures to improve overall efficiency.
  • Handling security-related data and protecting it from internal and external threats.
  • Securing two-way or more complicated authentication systems.

Final Thoughts 

Keeping your business network and data secure, especially in today’s world, isn’t easy. Hence, you have to create a proper cyber security-based plan while considering future instances as well. Hopefully, this article could help you regarding this aspect to some extent. Nevertheless, if you still need some more suggestions about something, don’t forget to hit us up in the comment section. We will help you out in any way we can.

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