Investing in Training Ensures Growth for Companies and Individual Employees

Investing in Training Ensures Growth for Companies and Individual Employees: There is no questioning that engagement is one of the keys to a company's

why training is needed for employee

Investing in Training Ensures Growth for Companies and Individual Employees: There is no questioning that engagement is one of the keys to a company’s productivity and ability to retain talent. To ensure engagement in the workplace, it is imperative for employees to be happy doing what they do.

Investing in Training Ensures Growth for Companies and Individual Employees

Unfortunately, Gallup scientists found that a lot of companies nowadays fail at strengthening the engagement of their employees. The number one mistake they make is by putting the wrong people in leadership positions 82 percent of the time.

Managers and supervisors who are ill-prepared for the responsibilities of their title are the primary reason behind disengaged and unhappy employees. But, that’s not all. They are the cause of unnecessary waste of money, time, and other resources.

This issue is easily preventable, though. Training courses can prepare those with leadership potential to develop the skill set demanded by the title to be bestowed upon them. A leadership course with certification, for instance, is available through top training institutes.

Investing in Learning Creates a Progressive Culture in the Workplace

Every competitive business organization should make continuous training a commitment. This should not only be for the purpose of strengthening the contributions of employees. Training should be done often to cultivate a progressive workplace environment.

Although certain operations groan about the cost of training, it is crucial to recognize that this is an investment that yields significant returns. Apart from employee engagement and satisfaction, training programs provide extra value to businesses, too, such as:

  • A lower employee turnover rate
  • Increased competency and productivity levels of employees
  • Bigger and better opportunities
  • Greater confidence about the future
  • Overall improved quality of operations

Some Unexpected Benefits

Training programs do not just work toward the core goals of a company. They offer unexpected benefits as well. According to Sachiko Yamaguchi, an expert on classes and courses for adults and professionals, company training programs offer the following advantages:

For the Company

Training can be presented as a reward or incentive for impressive performance — like some sort of elite staff provision. It demonstrates the organization’s plans to lock in its top employees and support their rise in the corporate ladder.

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Likewise, it signifies that the company is equipped to stand the test of time, which is a source of comfort for employees. With fresh industry knowledge and a strong skill set within the organization, the risk of losing relevance (which is a common occurrence in today’s fast-changing business climate) diminishes.

For the Employee

Meanwhile, for every employee, training can boost their confidence in the future. Whether they choose to stay in the same company or not, they get to harness new knowledge and skills to be deemed suitable for different job positions.

Additionally, training can serve as a buffer between work and life outside of work, especially if a company offers what many call “hobby” courses. These are classes that develop skills applicable beyond the workplace, such as learning a new language, public speaking, creative writing, and photo editing.

A lot of employees say that taking part in such classes renews their vigor for their career and life. It helps them empty their mind from the usual concerns and focus on the topic or task at hand. They also appreciate how taking classes changes the pace of their life.

Lastly, training provisions create a sense of continuity. They remind every individual that whatever happens, or wherever life takes them, new beginnings do not always need to feel completely unfamiliar.

Continuous Learning is a Must for Growing a Business

Fortunately, businesses do not have to learn new tricks of the trade on their own. There are training institutes to do that for them, and they develop experts or masters who can serve as reliable repositories of knowledge.

Turning to these institutes is a smart strategy in keeping employees engaged, happy, and also excited about their job. Plus, the programs available will allow companies to manage the cost of continuous learning effectively. The selection of courses or classes ranges from compact single day training to convenient short courses conducted live or online, as well as longer, more comprehensive programs.

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So, if you are an essential member of a business organization’s HR department or you are the owner of a growing business, invest in learning. It is the best defense a company has against the many changes in the industry. It’s a strategy for keeping you on your toes as demand grows and transforms due to technology and creative lifestyles.


Jerrin Samuel is the Executive Director at Regional Educational Institute (REI) in Abu Dhabi. Since 1995, REI has been at the forefront of education by delivering quality corporate training courses in the UAE, helping many businesses and organizations achieve greater productivity and higher customer satisfaction levels.

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