The Many Uses for Artificial Turf

Artificial grass is only used in sports fields, right? Many people believe this is the case, but synthetic grass can be used in a wide variety of places.

The Many Uses for Artificial Turf

Artificial grass is only used in sports fields, right? Many people believe this is the case, but synthetic grass can be used in a wide variety of places. Consider installing this turf in the following locations.

The Envy of Neighbors

Imagine having a gorgeous front lawn that others envy. A person can have this lawn, but it may take them countless hours to keep it looking its best. Replace the natural grass with artificial turf and have a breathtaking lawn that requires no water and little upkeep. People who drive by will wonder how the homeowner manages this.

Making the switch to synthetic grass benefits the environment in countless ways. No water is needed to keep the lawn lush and green, which is important during a drought. In addition, the lawn won’t need to be mowed with an electric or gas lawnmower, and no fertilizer is needed to keep it looking its best.

Don’t Overlook the Backyard

While many people will never see the backyard of a home, as they simply drive or walk by the house, that doesn’t mean this area of the landscape should be neglected. The backyard should add to the overall appeal of the property. However, it needs to be functional as well.

Children need a place to play, parents want an area to entertain family and friends, and pets must have somewhere to run. Synthetic grass makes it easy to use the backyard for these purposes and many more. The homeowner knows the lawn will be ready for use at any time. They also love the additional free time they have now that they aren’t constantly cutting, aerating, and fertilizing the lawn.

Line a Dog Run

Many pet owners choose to use artificial turf in their dog runs. Once the turf is in place, they no longer need to worry about mud or ruts marring the yard. Grass won’t be tracked into the home on the dog’s feet, and fleas become less of a concern. They won’t have warm soil to burrow in.

If the dog uses the artificial turf as a bathroom, cleaning it is easy. The area never needs to be mowed, so the owner won’t need to fight with a lawnmower to fit it into the run. The dog will always have a soft place to lay and lounge, and the owner won’t need to worry about ugly brown spots in the lawn where the dog urinated.

However, artificial turf will get hot in the summer sun if it receives direct sunlight. Consider constructing the dog run under a tree that provides ample shade. Shade sails also help keep the dog run cool, and the owner might choose to cover the run with a roof for additional protection from sun and rain.

Backyard Play Areas

Children love to run and play outside, even when the weather is less than ideal. Install artificial turf in the play area and allow them to play freely knowing there are fewer hazards to interfere with the fun. The turf provides a level surface so children are less likely to trip and fall. Parents love that synthetic grass is easy to clean and disinfect.

Parents, much like dog owners, appreciate that their kids won’t track dirt and mud into the house after it rains. They won’t tear up the yard by playing in mud after a good soaking, and they still have fun while getting outdoors. However, parents must also consider the temperature of the artificial turf and take measures to keep the synthetic grass cool on hot summer days.

Dedicated Sports Fields

While some parents choose to create an open play area for the children in the backyard, a family might wish to have a dedicated sports field instead. Soccer players, for example, benefit from having a backyard soccer field where they can hone their skills. As the surface is level, they reduce the risk of injuries, and the kids may invite their friends over for a friendly competition on the backyard sports field.

A Putting Green

Who says kids should have all the fun in the backyard? Parents can also enjoy their favorite sport while at home by installing a putting green made using synthetic turf. They can practice their swing while the kids are playing soccer or enjoying other outdoor activities within the parent’s line of sight.

However, who says the putting green must be outside? Artificial turf can be used to create an indoor putting green, so the golfers in the family can practice any time day or night. When they are done practicing, the turf can be rolled up and stored until it is needed again.


It’s very frustrating when a homeowner spends time and money to put a walkway in only to have the walkway overtaken by grass. Avoid this issue by using synthetic turf as a walkway. It can be used alone for this purpose or combined with paving stones. Either way, the artificial grass handles heavy traffic with ease. Its durability and low maintenance requirements make it the perfect choice for walkways today and many other areas of the landscape.

Entertainment Areas

Outdoor entertaining is something many people look forward to. During the COVID lockdowns, people found they enjoyed spending time outdoors with friends and family. They couldn’t spread germs outside if they stayed a safe distance from each other.

However, when entertaining, many people found their yards were lacking in one or more ways. For example, they couldn’t entertain if the grass wasn’t mowed or they were in a drought and it was nothing more than a dust field. Moving to synthetic turf ensures the area is always ready for friends and family. The durability and visual appeal of the turf allow the area to be used for anything from an elegant bridal shower to a touch football game with friends and neighbors.

Hide Outdoor Storage

Most people find they need one or more storage containers outdoors. These containers might hold pool toys, sports balls, or other items kids use regularly. However, the container might also be for the family’s compost pile or firewood stack. Help these containers blend into the landscape by covering the exterior with artificial turf. Doing so ensures the containers won’t detract from the curb appeal of the property, as the containers will mimic the appearance of bushes in the landscape.

Cover a Hillside

What if the topography of the yard doesn’t allow for entertaining? In some cases, caring for the lawn is a challenge due to the slope of the ground or obstacles that are present throughout the landscape. Why fight to mow the lawn, pull weeds, or prune trees?

Replace the grass with artificial turf and save time and money. In addition, the owner’s safety improves, as accidents can happen on heavily sloped ground. A person might choose a living ground cover, but artificial turf requires less maintenance, so it is an option that should be considered. In addition, the turf helps control erosion.

Replace a Concrete Pool Deck with Artificial Turf

Most pool owners use concrete around their pool rather than grass. They don’t want dirt and grass in the pool and figure a concrete deck is the best way to avoid these issues. In addition, they don’t want fertilizers from the grass getting into the pool water, and concrete will reduce the risk of this happening. However, concrete isn’t overly attractive unless the owner invests in a decorative option.

Synthetic grass removes the concerns seen with natural grass around a pool deck. It is also more attractive than most concrete deck options. Consider this option when installing or replacing a pool deck to see if it is right for the home.

Synthetic grass isn’t slippery like natural grass. The grass makes the area more appealing to all and allows swimmers to get a better grip when exiting the water. Nobody wants to have an accident around the pool. Installing artificial turf reduces the risk of this happening.

Decorate a Balcony

Some people lack a backyard because they live in an apartment. However, they can still have the feel of a lawn by installing synthetic grass on the balcony. The grass can be cut to fit the space. Once it is in place, everyone will enjoy having a soft surface to walk on, and the owner will appreciate not having to spend a lot of time maintaining it. Add a few flowers or plants for a beautiful space regardless of its size.

Decorate the Man Cave

Who says artificial turf can only be used outdoors? Bring it inside and use it as flooring for a man cave. Guys will love having it underfoot as they watch their favorite sporting events. It will capture crumbs and spills easily and can be hosed down when the event is over. More time can be spent enjoying the company of others as less time is spent cleaning.

These suggestions are only a few of the many ways a person can use artificial turf today. Line the bed of a truck with this synthetic grass to clean the bed quickly and easily, or use it in the back of an SUV. When it gets dirty, simply pull the grass out and wash it. As it is so easy to care for, people will find countless other use for the grass, so learn more today. It’s the ideal solution for many problems today.

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