Living alone by yourself in the paying guest accommodation can be both exciting and overwhelming. Although you will get access to your freedom, you will also be responsible for your safety and other financial needs. Therefore, it is essential to look for the PG offering security and affordability. In case you are looking for the pg for ladies near methe below-mentioned tips are for you.


  • Determine the budget: This is the most important consideration that you need to keep in mind when looking for the pg for ladies in the nearby area. First, you are required to set your budget according to your monthly income or savings and then only start searching for paying guest accommodations. After all, you need to be financially comfortable when paying monthly rent or other household expenses. Apart from that, see if the shortlisted PG is offering the best value for your money.
  • Security and safety: Living in the city all by yourself can be a little overwhelming. Your security and safety should be your priority when selecting the paying guest accommodation in a particular area. Always check the crime rate against women in your shortlisted localities. Also, ask the owner of paying guest accommodation about the safety provisions taken for the protection of the ladies. Before finalizing the PG search the background of your to be room partner.
  • Availability of the food: Almost every paying guest accommodation nowadays, provides a three-time meal to their lodgers. But there are also few PGs that have an open kitchen where renters can cook their own food. Also, some PG owners allow the lodgers to hire a cook for preparing their food. In case you are looking for paying guest accommodation in the nearby area providing the food facility then enquire about the menu and quality of the served dishes.
  • Access to transport and social infrastructural facilities: You should always search for paying guest accommodations in the area which is well connected to the places where you need to visit oftentimes like college, office, grocery store, training institute, etc. Also, it is necessary to have easy access to public transport like taxis, buses, or autos. Apart from the transportation facilities, also check other social infrastructural facilities in the area where you are going to live. The neighborhood must comprise some basic facilities like a hospital, grocery store, gas station, shopping complex, medical store, etc. make sure that all these amenities are located in proximity to your paying guest accommodation.
  • Check the curfew timings: Almost every paying guest accommodation has curfew timings. Many paying guest accommodations do not allow their lodgers to be out late at night. In case you are required to work in the shifts you should communicate the same to the owner of the shortlisted PG to avoid any problem in the future. If the owner has a problem with your late-night working then the same PG is not for you, shift to the other one.

    Figure out the guest policy:
    It is always better to be clear about the guest policy before finalizing the particular paying guest accommodation. It is obvious that there will be people who will want to visit you or stay with you during your staycation at the PG. so, check out the guest policy as specified by the owner. See what will be the arrangements in case your parents or friends want to visit you? Check with the owner if your friends are allowed to come over to meet you? Ask if you are required to submit any prior notice? Discuss everything beforehand to avoid future complications.
  • Housekeeping schedule and other rules: Now that you will be busy with your work, there will be no time left to clean and maintain the room. So, it is always suggested to finalize the paying guest accommodation providing housekeeping facility. Check the schedule of the housekeeping service. Insist on getting your room cleaned at the time when you are in your room. Apart from the housekeeping schedule, cross-check other house rules. For example, if it is allowed to carry non-vegetarian food in the rooms, timings for watching TV or using the washing machine, rules for accessing the shared space, etc. In case any house rule irks you, it is suggested to look for the other paying guest accommodation option nearby.

Wrapping up it all!

Before starting the search for ladies pg in the nearby area, it is highly recommended to prepare the list of things or facilities you want your paying guest accommodation to offer. Once you are equipped with your checklist, search for the PG according to it. Also, the best tip to find the right paying guest accommodation is to visit the site personally and take word-of-mouth from other lodgers living there.

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