10 Proven Tips For More Effective Studying For Class 10th

Class 10th stands out among other classes because it is the first time you will be writing the board exams for the very first time.

10 Proven Tips For More Effective Studying For Class 10th

As the competition rises, so does the cut-off for getting admissions into various colleges and universities. You can get a basic idea about how the cut-off is making it challenging for students by going through this year’s DU cut-off. As a result, students these days are very serious about their studies from the start itself. 

Class 10th stands out among other classes because it is the first time you will be writing the board exams for the very first time. The marks scored in your board exams are going to decide to an extent the stream you could or couldn’t choose for your higher classes. At the same time, the pressure of the board exams and the expectation held by parents and teachers often lead to stress and anxiety in the children today.

10 Tips For More Effective Studying For Class 10th

The need to prove their potential is often seen in the way students attend their school classes and then spend most of the time of their day attending various coaching and tuition classes. Parents and teachers while encouraging and motivating the students to perform better in studies should ensure that the need to do better should not be at the cost of mental health. 

If you always have been a topper and can easily study hours at one stretch, it is good. However, there have been many instances that even an average student has performed remarkably well in the board exams. So, it doesn’t matter whether you were a topper in your previous classes or not. You need to start the preparation first by believing in yourself. Every day tell yourself that you have what it takes to be the next topper on class 10th. Our purpose here is to provide you with simple tips that when implemented daily and regularly will impart confidence in you and supplement your preparation. 


Though marks are important, your objective should be to gain knowledge and then apply that knowledge in the exam. Given below are 10 tips that will enable you to effectively and efficiently plan your study and become the next highest scorer.

  • Know your Syllabus

The first task for you is to download and understand the syllabus of the exams. You can find the entire syllabus online. Whenever you are studying a subject you should always keep your syllabus next to you. The syllabus will serve as a guiding light. When you have a simple idea relating to the syllabus you are aware of the core concepts that you should be familiar with. It will be expected that you as a class 10th student will have a brief idea about them.

  • PYQs

You can download the previous years’ question papers from the internet or can buy the past 10 years’ papers from a nearby stationery shop. Go through these papers multiple times. This will also make you realize that nothing that is asked in the question is really out of the syllabus. The papers will allow you to understand the pattern of the exam and the types of questions that can or might be framed. 

  • Textbooks

Both, the syllabus as well as the PYQs, will help you understand that everything you need to know to score good marks in all the exams is contained in your textbooks. Your textbooks are prepared and updated according to the revised syllabus. Read the textbooks thoroughly and understand the concepts given therein. Go through them again and again. You can download the Class 10th NCERT books PDF free of cost. 

  • Study schedule

Frame a daily timetable that will spend some time daily in your self-study. Nothing beats the power of self-study. This will also enable you to inculcate the habit of discipline. Write down the tasks for the day a night before. Also, include some time that you can spend playing games or talking to your family and friends.

  • Make notes

When you are studying a particular topic or concept of a particular subject, always prepare short notes. Writing down something ensures that it remains etched in your brain. Making notes also helps you to better understand a concept. They will also come in handy when you have to go through some concepts right before the exam. Keep your notes short, simple and concise.

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  • The questions in the chapter

The chapters always end with some questions or exercises. Try not to avoid these questions. The questions about the chapter are asked in different forms. They will help you to instantly check your understanding of the chapter. 

  • Regularity

Stay regular with your school classes, tuition classes, and self-study. Staying regular with studies or any habit for that matter makes even a tiring journey easy. 

  • Tests

Take as many tests as you can to check your level of preparedness. Seek comments or assistance for teachers and parents. Work on your mistakes. Since tests need to be completed in a specified time, it will also enable you to work on your time management skills.

  • Revising 

Always spare some time for daily revision of what you have studied. Revision enables you to extract the right information at the right time in the exam. It instills a feeling of confidence and preparedness. Having multiple cycles of revision will make it easier for you to answer any kind of question that can be asked. 

  • Meditation 

Meditation is one of the skills that will prove to be beneficial not only in the exams but throughout your life. It will help you stay calm even in the examination hall when others might be panicking. 

Try to indulge in some kind of physical activity that will enhance the supply of blood to the brain and other organs. You can simply take a 30-minutes walk or go for a jog. Eat healthy foods and always stay hydrated when you are studying. If you follow all these tips daily, we ensure that you can easily surmount the specters of the class 10th board exams.

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