3 Things to Arrange Before You Collect Your New Pet

Once you have arranged to collect your new pet, as exciting and as rewarding that this is, there are several crucial things to arrange.


Once you have arranged to collect your new pet, as exciting and as rewarding that this is, there are several crucial things to arrange and implement before you bring your furry companion back to their new forever home.

Ideally, you have adopted rather than bought from a breeder or, even worse, a private trader on an online site, as such behavior just encourages the mistreatment and abuse of animals. There are thousands of beautiful animals that are cruelly abandoned in animal shelters and homes across the United States, all of them deserving their forever home.

Here are three things to arrange before you bring your new best friend home:

Pet Insurance

It is vital to arrange fully comprehensive insurance for your pet from the minute they are under your name and, therefore, your responsibility. In an ideal world, of course, your pet will never need any emergency medical treatment, and you will never have to fork out immediate and costly veterinary bills, but as you will be all too aware, unfortunately, none of us live in an ideal world.

Pet insurance is important for every pet owner to have, but even more so if you are a first-time pet owner or indeed it is the first time you are going to own a particular species.

Choose a Vet

Ensure you do your research and select a veterinary practice that caters specifically to your species and breed of animal. Rabbits, for example, are actually classed as exotic pets, and therefore their medical treatment is very specialized and requires a rabbit-savvy vet to take control. Vets such as Allen vet clinic can arrange a phone call with their trained professionals in the area of animal expertise you require. Professional, experienced vets who are genuinely dedicated to the welfare and safety of animals will be all too happy to answer any questions, concerns, and queries you may have.

Pet Sitting

You need to be constantly aware of your animal and even more aware of just how much they will miss you and pine for you when you go away, be that for an evening out or for a long holiday abroad. This is why it is vital that you have people you trust with your beloved pet and your home that you know will come and look after your animal when you are unable to take them with you. Additionally, even when you are away from the house for more than a few hours, especially when concerning dogs, ideally someone you trust should come round, albeit for ten minutes, to let the dog out into the garden and check the water and food bowls are full. Be it a rabbit, a guinea pig, a cat or a dog, or something else entirely, all domesticated animals and birds need the companionship of human nature.

Remember: Your pet will only be in your life for a relatively short time. But to them, you are their life.

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