How Studying Cosmic Cycles Can Help Us Understand Divine Timing?

How Studying Cosmic Cycles Can Help Us Understand Divine Timing

Real spiritual psychics online utilize astrology every day to provide insight into their clients’ lives. The movements of the heavens can affect universal energies, which influence daily life in invisible ways. However, you can learn the patterns of these celestial bodies, giving you more power in your decision-making.

Looking at Planetary Positions of Your Birth Time

Many psychics offer a free birth chart, which provides a snapshot of the sky at the moment of your birth. The chart includes 12 houses arranged in a wheel, each representing a different aspect of your personality. The houses also have an assigned zodiac sign.

The planets, along with the moon and sun, fall into one of these houses. These celestial bodies govern particular realms. For instance, Mercury rules transportation, intellect, and communication. Where the planet falls on the chart dictates your relationship with these ideas. If Mercury was in the second house (associated with Taurus) when you were born, your communication and thinking styles are likely methodical, practical, and a little stubborn.

The planets’ positions relative to each other also play a significant role. For instance, opposite planets signal a push-pull between the two realms, while planets at 90-degree angles work in harmony.

Planetary positions can provide detailed information about your destiny and inner workings. However, it’s also crucial to look at the bigger picture. The patterns created by the planets offer a more general description of your needs, dreams, and struggles.

Pattern Analysis

Planets tend to cluster on birth charts. These clusters create patterns, which indicate deep tendencies in your personality. For instance, the seesaw pattern shows two clusters on opposite sides of the chart. People with a seesaw pattern tend to feel two intense needs that conflict with one another. Due to this conflict, individuals may live “two lives” to meet both needs or feel like they’ll never find true satisfaction.

Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

You probably have a ready answer when someone asks for your star sign. However, that’s likely your sun sign. You have two others that also play important roles: the moon and rising (also called ascendant).

Your sun sign is the zodiac season in which you were born. To find your moon sign, you’ll have to consult your birth chart to see which house the moon was in. Your rising sign is the zodiac constellation ascending on the eastern horizon. Together, these three signs form the foundations of your personality:

  • Sun: your core self
  • Moon: your subconscious self
  • Rising: the self you show the world

It’s possible (and even normal) for two or all of these signs to conflict.

We Learn Times for Setting Intentions

Understanding the planets can help you understand the world as well as yourself. Certain times of the year are better for specific pursuits based on which planet has the most influence. For instance, if you want to start a relationship, the best time is when Venus is prominent.

Astrology isn’t the only tool mediums use. Real, live soul & past life psychics online can read your aura or look into your past lives. If you pair this information with your birth chart, you can get a more comprehensive picture of your destiny.

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