3 Tips for Teaching 3 Year Olds to Read


Despite the stress of the classroom, learning is fun!

Learning to read can be tricky at 3 years old. That’s because it is not just the child who has to adapt to the new classroom learning standards. The parent or schoolteacher also need to provide the right guidance for the child.

Overlooked but easy to follow, here are some tips for teaching 3 year olds to read.

1. Read to Your Toddler

Reading to your toddler is an essential part of their development and is one of the best tips for teaching 3 year olds to read. Setting aside 15-20 minutes out of each day to read to your toddler helps them to develop their literacy skills, as well as helping them to learn more about the world around them.

You can read books with simple stories or use picture books to help them learn about different animals, people, and places. It is important to make reading fun and engaging for your toddler by asking questions or making up stories of your own.

Encouraging your toddler to talk about the stories you read will help them develop language as well as comprehension skills. Reading with your toddler every day is a great way to bond and spend quality time together while teaching them valuable language skills that will carry on throughout their lives.

2. Teach the Letters of the Alphabet

Teaching 3 year olds to read begins with what is Science of reading. Children need to be familiar with the names of the letters, the sounds each letter makes, and how to write it on paper. The best way to teach this is by starting with the most basic letters.

Begin with basic upper case letters, and proceed to lowercase letters. You can help your child recognize each letter by using flashcards or alphabet books. Teach one letter at a time, and use the same letter in various activities to help make letter recognition fun.

A great way to practice each letter is through songs. It is also helpful to have your child trace or copy each letter using colorful writing utensils. By following these tips, your 3 year old can easily learn the alphabet and become a great reader!

3. Teach Short Words

When teaching three year olds to read, it is important to focus on teaching short words. Start by teaching a few letter sounds, like the short a sound (ex: “at”). You can gradually add more letter sounds and begin teaching them three-letter and four-letter words.

Read books out loud to the child and, when possible, point to each word as you read. Take turns selecting and sounding out words together. You can also include fun activities like ABC matching cards and short word puzzles to help children learn and remember the 5-10 short words they know so far.

Flashcards can also be used to review letter sounds and primary sight words. Finally, spend some time each day start reading with your child to reinforce these new words and skills.

Teaching 3 Year Olds to Read the Right Way

Reading is a great way to increase a 3 year old’s language and communication skills. With the right resources and encouragement, parents and teachers can encourage 3 year olds to learn to read.

By following the tips of teaching 3 year olds to read, reading stories, playing reading related games, and asking questions, 3 year olds can become successful readers and learners. Let’s get them reading today!

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