5 On-Demand Services Car Owners Should Consider


The door to on-demand service apps has opened thanks to smartphone penetration and increased digitalisation.

These apps are the link-layer between businesses and consumers. They cover different sectors, and people use them to get their hands on a range of products and services. Today, these apps are becoming more popular, getting better, and spreading like wildfire, and the auto industry is no exception.

Car owners and drivers can now enjoy the benefits of having their vehicles washed and maintained in their desired location. Petrol delivery in Dubai has also been made very accessible to motorists with just a few taps on smart devices.

Here are the five on-demand car services you can get when in Dubai.

1. Fuel delivery

With fuel delivery services, you can have your needed petrol delivered to the location of your choice through an app, such as CAFU. Just download the app, register your vehicle, and place your order. The service provider then arrives where you parked your car, fills your car fuel tank, and notifies you when it’s done.

The perks of on-demand petrol delivery services include:

  • The same petrol and diesel price as those at the fuel station near you
  • Free delivery
  • Available 24/7

Moreover, you can get even free fuel if you refer a friend. All you need to do is share your referral code with your family and friends and get free fuel if they successfully place their first fuel delivery order. Every time a friend of yours makes an order through their CAFU app using your referral code, your account will be credited with free fuel.

2. Car wash

Instead of heading to a car wash station, you can enjoy on-demand car wash services at your preferred location and time. Washers can arrive at your vehicle’s location and wash it there. After which, payment can be done through the app.

Here are some mobile car washing options available for you in Dubai:

  • SuperShine Exterior – This is an environment-friendly car wash option that utilises high-quality wax sealant and microfiber towels to give your car that shiny, long-lasting finish.
  • SuperShine Exterior with Interior – In addition to exterior car wash service, this option includes an interior anti-bacterial process with the vacuuming and cleaning of panels, carpets, windows, and upholstery.
  • Steam wash – This option uses steam vapour to deep clean both the car’s exterior and interior. It also includes tyre foam detailing.
  • Steam sanitisation – This option includes steam wash and anti-bacterial AC vent fumigation and disinfection of all interior surfaces.

Depending on the car size, an on-demand car washing service can last for about 40 to 80 minutes.

3. Engine oil change

When it’s time for your ride’s engine oil change, you can book it on an on-demand car services app too. Enter your engine size, choose your engine oil type, and schedule it 24 hours in advance. An engine oil technician will arrive at your preferred time slot, leaving your engine well-protected with better-quality performance.

Oil change services available for you include:

  • Mobile 1 – This is the leading synthetic motor oil brand in the world, delivering excellent protection and performance for approximately 10,000 to 12,000 km.
  • Mobile Super 3000 – This is full synthetic motor oil that upholds long engine life for about 8,000 to 10,000 km with improved protection over a wide temperature range.
  • Mobile Super 2000 – This semi-synthetic engine oil offers a superb level of performance and protection that lasts for 6,000 to 8,000 km.

Most engine oil change services also include original oil filter replacement and complimentary services, such as air filter inspection, coolant level top-up, steering fluid level top-up, wiper blade inspection, brake and headlights inspection, parking brake inspection, tyre pressure inspection and top-up, and battery inspection.

4. Car battery service

A problem with your car battery is probably one of the worst nightmares of drivers, especially since the practice of carrying a spare battery is not common. Good thing there is an on-demand car battery change service you can depend on in case you experience this unfortunate road incident.

Whether you need a battery replacement or just a jump-start, a technician can go to your location to help you get back to the road.

Once the battery technician arrives, they will check the battery, charging system, and starter motor. Should the problem not be related to your car battery, you may not be charged for the call-out. Take note as well that service providers usually carry different types of batteries to meet your budget and needs.

5. Tyre change

Car tyres are crucial for safe driving, so make sure to keep them always in excellent condition before hitting the road. Most importantly, replace them when necessary.

Like changing a car battery, tyre replacement has also become more convenient with on-demand service apps. Trained tyre technicians can arrive at your location in as fast as 30 minutes, carrying different tyre sizes and brands to meet your needs and budget. All tyres also come with a comprehensive warranty.

On arrival, tyre technicians will remove the old tyres, replace them with new ones, and fill them with the right air pressure. They will also look into (and correct) wheel balancing to minimise wear and tear and extend the lifespan of your new tyres. You may also enjoy a free 10,000 km rotation service for all the tyres replaced by the service provider.

Furthermore, a tyre change may include a complimentary 24-point vehicle check to ensure that your ride is in its optimal overall condition before it hits the road again.

Needing battery or type replacement, fuel delivery, car wash, and engine oil change are some of the most frustrating and inconvenient situations a car owner and driver can experience.

After all, you use your vehicles to buy groceries, have fun at Dubai Festival City Mall, get to work, and other life tasks. But often, you don’t have enough time to get your vehicle to the shop for its needed services.

Enjoy on-demand car services at your fingertips

Luckily, the auto industry has joined the world of on-demand services.

You can now use a platform that matches customers to car mechanics and technicians who can arrive on-site to deal with any car problem within minutes.

Just download an app like CAFU, sign in, do a few taps on your smart device – and voila! Your car will be on the road again in no time.

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