5 Innovative Content Ideas for Social Media


Did you know the average online user spends almost two and a half hours on social media? From addictive TikTok videos to our favorite pics on Instagram, we scroll past a lot of posts!

In other words, if you’re hoping to help your brand stand out from the crowd, it’s crucial to create unique posts. Without innovative content ideas, even your best posts will fade into the sea of new content created every minute.

That’s where the right trends come in! If you’re struggling to create branded content for social media, here are a few techniques worth trying.

1. Try Live Videos

Some of the world’s most creative brands invest in live videos. This type of social media content is growing in popularity all the time, so be sure to take advantage if you haven’t already!

Live streaming allows brands to try their hand at interactive events with real-time engagement. Followers can comment on what they’re watching, ask questions, and share their interests. This type of video can even create a sense of community around your brand.

Compared with recorded videos, live streaming often comes across as more genuine. Because it doesn’t feel sterile or over-produced, live streaming gives you the perfect opportunity to share your authentic story in real time.

Live videos are perfect for introducing new products, sharing tutorials, or interviewing guests and experts. You can also stream a virtual event or do a contest video to announce giveaways.

Even better, you can start live videos on a wealth of different platforms. YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram all allow users to create live content. Be sure to check out content ideas from sources like https://xdoone.it/ for marketing tips!

2. Make Tutorials on YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are engaging videos that follow in the footsteps of Instagram Reels and TikTok. What sets them apart is their accessibility: YouTube has billions of monthly active users. This means you’ll have unmatched global reach compared to similar video options.

Even better, YouTube gives its Shorts their own dedicated tab on the mobile app and features them prominently on desktop. Because Google is YouTube’s parent company, videos from the service often appear at the top of Google search results. You can even monetize them like you would a normal YouTube video!

Shorts are a great way to connect with your audience fast, and quick tutorials can help you showcase your expertise. Keep in mind that these videos have a 60-second time limit, however. If you need to, you can offer a quick solution while teasing your longer videos, blog posts, or other content.

Shorts are also great for capitalizing on current events and trends. If you have information about a recent fad, share the details on Shorts, slap on an optimized title and description, and see where it gets you! One bonus tip: 75% of viewers watch videos without sound, so make sure to add captions.

3. Partner With Influencers and Brands

If you want to reap the benefits of high engagement, why not team up with another trusted brand? Brands and influencers that share your target audience can help you increase your exposure and boost engagement. Of course, make sure you’re not choosing a direct competitor!

If you collaborate with a brand, try developing a campaign that works for both of your products. Be sure to share your content marketing style guides and set clear expectations. When you’re ready to begin, cross-promoting your content can help you boost engagement and reach an even wider audience.

If you collaborate with an influencer, you’ll often have to leave a lot of your brand messaging in their hands. The influencer will choose how they want to portray your products or services alongside their own lifestyle to boost visibility with their audience. Even though you’ll have a bit less control, influencer marketing can be a great resource, as it comes across as authentic and can put your brand on the map.

4. Create Your Own Series

Popular hashtag series are always fun. Options like #ThrowbackThursday and #MotivationMonday are trendy across multiple platforms, but there are plenty of daily hashtag series worth checking out.

Of course, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you can also try creating your own series! Consider starting a daily or weekly series you can use to create fun social media posts for your brand.

Not only is this a great way to set your audience’s expectations, but it can also help you narrow down your options for a content campaign. These series help you decide on an idea and format ahead of time, producing regular content on similar themes. The right hashtag will convey your brand’s message, help you reach your audience, and make it clear what you offer.

5. Invest in User-Generated Content

We know, we know: you’re engaging in social media marketing to promote your brand. However, content from your users can often be more powerful than you’d expect!

User-generated content, or UGC, is an underappreciated resource. Photos, videos, and stories from your users come across as authentic, and your followers may be more likely to interact with them than they would your branded content. Better still, there’s no extra cost to you!

Loyal fans who post about your goods and services can influence the buying decisions of your other followers. To put it simply, people trust people.

Share your users’ product tutorials, gushing reviews, memes, and blog posts. Engage with the videos, live streams, and blog posts they post online. An easy way to track these posts is by creating a unique hashtag for your followers to feature in their posts.

From there, you can curate their content, which can also help you ramp up your posting frequency. Don’t forget to encourage your followers to share UGC by rewarding them with discount codes, free tickets, giveaways, and more.

Share Your Innovative Content Today

If you’re trying to generate an innovative content campaign, be sure to try the ideas above! Whether you dive into live videos or partner with a niche influencer, the right tactics can make all the difference on your favorite social media platform.

As you look for more tips, ideas, and advice, don’t forget to check out our other posts for additional insights!

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