5 Random Facts That You Might Find Interesting


We all can agree that the world we’re living in is vast and unending. Even though we know that there’s a limit to everything, we can’t all expect to live out our lives knowing everything there is to know.

With that said, our planet earth is full of surprising things. Why do some people think that the earth is flat? Why can’t chickens fly? Why is the sky blue? Why are you reading this article? There are many questions in this world that need answering. Sadly, we can’t explain everything in this lifetime.

Don’t despair, though. Even if we won’t know everything in this world, it’s fun finding out what we can while we can. In this article, you’ll read about five random facts that you might find interesting. We can’t guarantee that these facts will help you out in life, but we can ensure that this article is a good read. Without further ado, here are some interesting facts that you might want to check out:

Ketchup, Condiment, and Medicine?

One of the strangest and weird facts you can read about this favorite condiment is that ketchup used to be sold as medicine. In the early 1800s, ketchup became a famous condiment. Thirty-four years later, an Ohio physician by the name of John Cooke Bennett, sold countless bottles full of ketchup to pharmacies to be sold as a cure for indigestion.

Not only that, but ketchup was also believed to cure jaundice and diarrhea. After 15 years of being sold as medicine, studies were made and eventually laid to rest the medicinal properties of ketchup. Don’t get it wrong, though; ketchup has full of antioxidants and lycopene, which provides a lot of health benefits for our body.

The Origins of the French Fry

Speaking of ketchup, one of the most favorite fast food items in the world goes well with ketchup. Yes, we’re talking about French fries. However, did you know that French Fries aren’t really “French?”

The reason for this odd name came from American soldiers who were stationed in Belgium. French is widely spoken in Belgium, and those soldiers were often served with these deep-fried crispy potato sticks by french-speaking Belgians. The Americans came to call these treats “French Fries.” The name stuck, and it’s been known that way ever since.

Nicotine Is a Natural Pesticide

Ever wonder why every health expert believes that cigarettes are dangerous? Apart from the many chemicals and ingredients inside every stick of cigarette, dried tobacco leaves are the main things you see inside. Tobacco leaves have a high amount of Nicotine in them. For insects, Nicotine is a potent neurotoxin. Tobacco plants use Nicotine to ward off potential pests that may damage it. For humans, Nicotine has a lot of negative effects on the body.

How Powerful Is Sneezing?

A human sneeze is one of the most powerful reflexes in the human body. How powerful is a sneeze? Well, if you try to suppress a sneeze, you might end up with broken ribs! Don’t suppress sneezing as it’s a natural response. Don’t worry about opening your eyes when sneezing as it won’t make your eyes pop out.

Why Do They Swish?

For some people, wine connoisseurs and experts might come off as weird. Their behavior might come as odd, but there is a reason for this. Aside from the extensive, almost geeky knowledge of everything about wine, one of the weirdest things a wine expert does is swishing wine in their mouth when drinking.

Wine experts do this to taste every aspect of the wine and get it on every part of the tongue. That’s because the tongue effectively detects sweetness at the tip, bitterness at the back, and sour tastes on the sides.


The world is full of surprises that you might find interesting. The facts mentioned above are some of the most interesting. We hope you had fun reading the article. Who would’ve thought that French Fries weren’t actually French?

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