5 Successful SEO Strategies For Bloggers To Boost Their Digital Performance

Using publishing platforms like Quora and Medium, exploring Social Bookmarking on Tumblr and Flipboard are SEO strategies, which Bloggers can use to boost their blogs.



  • Are you an aspiring blogger looking to take your blog to the next level in terms of performance, earnings and exposure?
  • Do you know which SEO strategies you can follow to grow your blog in terms of traffic, backlinks and social media?
  • Have you tried using experimental and innovative strategies to push multiple blog promotion successes on different platforms?

5 Successful SEO Strategies

In the last couple of years, blogging has transformed from a humble hobby into a very lucrative career option. It has emerged as a new model of digital marketing favoured by brands and agencies alike. These brands and agencies are always on the lookout for credible, realistic and high visibility bloggers who can handle big collaborations.

Bloggers who are using different digital channels to amplify their presence, reach and performance are in high demand. This is why many experts feel that it is time for bloggers to step into the shoes of Influencers. Brands want to work with a single source of digital convenience.

In this article, we are going to help aspiring bloggers raise their digital game by going for simple and inexpensive SEO strategies.

So what are you waiting for? Pay close attention to the following sections.

5 SEO Strategies for Bloggers to boost Digital Performance: The List

1. Set up an active and aggressive Social Media Presence

Unless you are posting five times on social media every day, you are not doing it right. In 2020, social media has emerged as the preferred channel for established bloggers to connect with their audiences, drive traffic and improve visibility.

As a blogger, you should be present on at least four different social media platforms. You can also select the platform, depending on what type of industry niche you are representing. Create a properly planned content calendar and start posting engaging social media posts.

Expert Tip- Mix the content between Video, Live Sessions, Webinars and Q and As.

2. Explore Multi-Channel Publishing on Content Creation Platforms

Every time you create a new piece of content for your blog, you need to optimise it across different content creation platforms. We are talking about platforms like Quora, Medium, Vocal Media, Curata, Rock Content and more.

These content creation platforms are great for driving targeted traffic to your blog site, and helping you improve your website metrics and traffic figures. This will also help you distribute your blog (gist or summary) across multiple platforms and win over new audiences.

Expert Tip- Create medium to long-format content (600-1000 words) on content creation platforms with multiple links.

3. Social Bookmarking is very much a great SEO strategy

No blogger, even the most established ones can have a presence on all the social platforms out there. While you can wholeheartedly focus on four or five platforms, you need some kind of a presence on the other ones as well. This is why bloggers need to explore social bookmarking.

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We are talking of platforms like Tumblr, Digg, Growth, Flipboard and others who enjoy a significant following. By just being present and active on platforms, you can drive traffic to your blog site or your social media, whichever you choose.

Expert Tip- You can re-share content on these platforms, but posting every day is critical to see a difference in results.

4. Become a Contributor on a High Traffic Blog

When you are growing as a blogger, you need to piggyback on platforms, which are bigger than you. This not only helps you learn more but also pushes your name and branding in front of the audiences. This is a major learning step, which the most successful bloggers have followed.

Try contributing at least one article/content piece every week. This will be shared with your name and establish you as an authority voice in the industry over a period. This also helps in establishing credibility for your own blog website in fronts of brands and agencies.

Expert Tip- No matter how big you get always keep contributing to other industry-relevant platforms. This is an investment for the future.

5. Re-Evaluate, Re-Publish and Re-Model your Content periodically

This is an SEO secret, which many of the most celebrated digital marketing gurus speak of. It is harder to make a new article rank than modify the old one and let it rank. You can increase the word length, add infographics, inject keywords, or change the title and description.

According to the experts, old content is indexed and already enjoys some level of authority. If you make it better, the chances of the content ranking significantly increase. Bloggers, who are looking to ramp up their SEO, should definitely consider modifying their content periodically.

Expert Tip- Focus on Long-Tail Keywords, Word Length and Images + Videos + Infographics when modifying.


The world of advertising and marketing is entering a new paradigm shift. Like social media influencers, bloggers are emerging as search engine influencers. This is something, which has taken shape in the last few years.

A successful blogger has multiple sources of income open to him at all times. This allows you to enjoy work, earn well, build credibility and establish yourself as an authority in the field. The aim should always be to emerge as an independent brand collaborator.

A successful blogger knows how to manage the expectations of his fans and audiences with that of his commercial commitments.

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