5 Ways Technology Is Affecting The Beer Brewing Industry


Beer is the oldest alcoholic beverage that goes back into the ancient ages. Excerpts believe that the history of beer and ancient civilization can be traced back to 10,000 years ago. This certainly proves that beer is the oldest fermenting process ever undertaken by humans.

The science of their beer brewing has survived all this time. With modern technologies, the process has been further revamped to efficiently produce high-quality beer.

Melvin Brewing is one of the production breweries that use modern technologies to brew beer. Today, the craft brewing industry is shrouding itself with modern innovative technologies and tapping into the cultural shift that allows the small brewery to compete with the ferocious commercial breweries.

Brewing Technologies

Technology has played an important role in making the brewing industry more efficient, refined, and waste reduction. The nature of the rewind process makes it easier to adopt new technologies and gather precise information about the processes.

Thanks to modern technologies, the beer formula can be experimented with to make it even tastier and healthier. In addition to that, the internet of things is being used to gather valuable information then applying machine learning to further enhance the brewing process.

How Is Technology Affecting The Brewing Industry?

It is quite interesting to know that advanced technologies have changed the brewing process and have made them more efficient. Technology has ensured that the same quality of beer can be produced consistently.

Let us have a look at some of the major technological breakthroughs.

1. Automatic Stirring Mechanism

The steam engine designed by James Watt inspired the brewing industry to come up with an automated mechanical pumping system to mix the liquid with a man intervention. The automatic pumping mechanism helps the industry with more reliable heating without risking any scorching.

With the steam power mechanism, the brewing industry came with a system to easily transfer the liquid from one container to the other without any worries. In addition to that, electric-powered stirring helps the industry produce a greater quality of beer.

2. Microbes

Louis Pasteur discovered a microbe that helped the beer brewing industry with the fermentation process. In the early days of commercial beer brewing, yeast was the primary source of fermentation. Later on, the scientists succeeded in isolating a single yeast cell.

With this technology, the industry started using pure yeast cells giving the beer its unique flavor. Depending on the type of yeast cell you are using and the fermentation characteristics, the flavor profile can be maintained.

3. Refrigeration

In the early days, brewers could not produce beer in the summer month as the yeast was highly sensitive to the high temperature. Even if you tried producing beer in the summer month, it would only impart an unpleasant flavor.

Once the refrigeration machine was invented, it became possible to produce beer in summer as well. After this technology breakthrough, beer can be brewed all year round.

4. Big Data

Big data is helping the brewing industry to improve insight over supply chain management. For that, enterprises are using management software applications to provide the company with real-time data for decision-making.

Big data also ensures that the quality of the beer is maintained all year round. It does this by combining water data, crop yield, sweetness rating, and satellite images before identifying the best combination factors to produce the best beer.

5. Smart Packaging

Before the proper packaging system, the products were deliberately diluted, tampered and mislabeled before reaching the consumer. This led to the brewing industry accruing hefty losses every year.

With the new technology in place, the concept of smart packing has been coined. It is the new foundation on which the products are delivered to the consumer, ensuring the original product reaches the consumer.


Technologies have always been the engine of new innovation. The statement stands true in the beer brewing industry as well. Here we have discussed some of the most influential technological breakthroughs that have changed the brewing industry for good.

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