8 Fintech Innovators to Follow in 2022 to Scale Leadership Skills

8 Fintech Innovators to Follow in 2022 to Scale Leadership Skills

Financial services and technology are the two steadily evolving industries the world over. An increasing number of fintech deals transpire daily that have been accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Traditional financial institutions have no choice but to ramp up their digital strategies and keep up with fintech startups, or they risk becoming irrelevant. These institutions have taken up the approach of collaborating with agile fintech companies to overcome the challenges of their legacy systems.

Fintech developments in recent years have brought a great deal of awareness and inclusivity. High mobile and internet penetration rates have facilitated the rapid adoption of fintech by consumers to conduct their financial activities. The role of fintech innovators in understanding the requirements of customers has never been more significant. The demands of the customer for improved personalized financial services have made speed in innovation inevitable. Let us take a look at 8 top global fintech innovators that are revolutionizing finance and embracing disruption.

  • Dinis Guarda – Dinis Guarda is a serial entrepreneur, a digital and crypto-economics driver, and one of the world’s leading fintech, blockchain, and AI innovators. With decades of experience in international trade, regulations, and compliance, Dinis is also one of the foremost authorities in cryptocurrencies. He is the founder of the digital platform, Ztudium, a blockchain startup, and a bank dealing with cryptocurrencies. Author of several books, Dinis is counted among the famous financial leaders of the world.
  • Alex Jiménez – Alex Jiménez is the Chief Strategy Officer at Finalytics.ai and Extractable. Extractable is one of the leading companies in the world that deals in data analytics and digital strategy. Finalytics.ai is the first journey orchestration platform purpose-built for community financial institutions. Alex Jiménez helps the banking and financial organizations working go the digital route and improve digital profitability through the same route. He is one of the top fintech leaders on this list that you must follow in 2021.
  • April Rudin – April Rudin is the founder of The Rudin Group, a global marketing firm for wealth management companies. The Rudin Group offers personalized marketing strategies and services to several banks and NBFCs across the world and has some of the world’s leading banks and NBFCs as its clients. April was ranked as the top Influencer in wealth management by Onalytica. A leading fintech innovator, April is known for her expert commentaries in the world of finance.
  • Sanjiv Bajaj – Chairman and Managing Director of Bajaj Finserv, Sanjiv Bajaj leads one of the largest and most trusted financial services companies in India. Under his leadership, Bajaj Finserv is undertaking a massive digital transformation and working towards the financial inclusion of the masses in India by making services accessible anytime and anywhere. Ranked among the “Top 50 Power People: The High & Mighty” by India Today in 2019, Sanjiv Bajaj is one of the top fintech leaders in India to watch out for.
  • Vikaas Sachdeva – CEO of EMKAY Investment Managers Limited, Vikaas M Sachdeva is also a top financial leader of India who is passionate about tech innovations and wealth creation in the capital market. EIML offers portfolio management services. Vikaas Sachdev is also very committed to leveraging fintech innovations and breakthroughs in his work.
  • Anna Maj – Often ranked among the top fintech leaders of the world dedicated to digitization, financial inclusion, and financial literacy, Anna Maj, is the fintech advisor of Arab Financial Services. With almost 2 decades of experience in digital payments and banking, Anna has been working with some of the top banking and financial companies across Europe. She is known to be among the top women fintech innovators of the world.
  • Steve Tunstall – The Director, Group Head of Compliance and Risk at WadzPay, Steve Tunstall is another fintech titan to watch out for in 2021. He is known for his passionate work in the field of risk management and insurance and has worked hard to increase the digital availability of insurance for SMEs through his work at Inzsure Pte Ltd.
  • Namrata Jolly – Namrata Jolly is also one of the top women in the world of financial technology and digitization. She holds the office of the General Manager – Head of APAC at Callsign, a global digital identity enterprise that deals with several government sector clients, banks, and financial companies. Callsign helps in multi-factor identification and user authentication. Namrata has been collaborating with governments on global digital micro pension technology.

2021 is a year of global recovery following the pandemic. The global economy is now looking towards fintech to improve financial inclusion. Fintech innovators are being sought for their skills to lead digital transformation and make finance open to all.

The growth of the global financial services and technology industries far outpace the rest. Most public and private enterprises and businesses are looking forward to leveraging fintech innovations to grow and develop. Let us take a look at the top fintech innovators to follow in the year 2021.

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