Polkastarter: Is Polkastarter a good Investment?

Polkastarter is a leading IDO platform whose main function is to help you get your community access to the best early-stage crypto projects.

Is Polkastarter a good Investment

Do you know what a Polkastarter (POLS) is? It is a decentralized financial project, whereby all users associated with it are provided with a decentralized launchpad for crowdfunding. But what is it that makes Polkastarter stand out from other IDO or ICO platforms?

Do you know why the project shows 20x+ returns with relatively low volumes once it is launched on any platform? If we go back to the last few years, decentralized exchanges have been increasing in user base and volume, which has outpaced some centralized exchanges. The initial decentralized offering provides participants, IDOs, and projects with a fairly easy and direct way to raise capital. If you are interested in bitcoin trading check how banks can profit from bitcoin.

Polkastarter is a leading IDO platform whose main function is to help you get your community access to the best early-stage crypto projects, while also providing a fairly robust platform to raise capital with those projects. But with that comes the congestion in the IDO area which can be a huge problem. The main reason for this is that anyone can launch the token, and this makes quality identification difficult for high-capacity projects and the wider crypto community.

To onboard a project with Polkastarter, the first issue associated with it is addressed through a due diligence process. Having been part of Polkastarter’s launchpad has added a lot of credibility to the project mainly because the community is giving more importance to the Polkastarter team for their due diligence and research. We can easily figure out the ins and outs of the Polkastarter’s Mustang.

What makes Polkastarter work?

There may be a somewhat wider problem with blockchain crowdfunding, to which fixed ratio swaps are the polkastarter answer. All tokens sold have specific volatility, to prevent this, better transparency is provided to investors and users. Fixed swaps enable us to fully set up projects with fixed rates so that anyone can invest as much as they want. This helps prevent short-term speculators from pumping and dumping sold tokens while also providing investors with the assurance that the purchases they make will never lose their value in a sudden, aggressive manner.

Users must participate through the Polls pool when purchasing tokens during the Polkastarter IDO. Only people who have whitelisted the addresses in the POLS pool can participate. Whitelisting is most likely observed to be proportional to the number of POLS owned. Do you know what are the different ways to whitelist? The first way to whitelist – You can very easily hold POLS on Ethereum or BSC.

In the wallet, you will be given a “Ticket” for 250 POLS, which will be counted in the whitelist selection. Some new addresses are chosen at random for the project to be whitelisted, bear in mind that the more tickets you have, the higher your chances of getting whitelisted. In addition, Uniswap ETH-POLS pools can also be provided with liquidity. If liquidity is granted, the LP token will be counted along with the whitelisted tickets.

What are the Benefits of a Polkastarter IDO?

Polkastarter is a decentralized finance protocol that allows Cross-chain transfers and also ensures its users know that their funds are safe. Now you are given lots of benefits from the Polkastarter crypto protocol that makes its users eligible to be registered under the Full KYC integration.

  • Better Functioning network
  • Fastest transaction speed
  • Easy governance medium
  • Interoperable Token pools
  • Easier Data sharing


Polkastarter is the notable crypto protocol that at the same time offers dynamic and cross-chain swapping, also it has used fixed swap pools to reduce the problem of price volatility and is preferable for the crowdfunding process.

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