Best Geyser Water Heaters in India 2021

Best Geysers in India: If you’re trying to find the best geysers to keep yourself warm this winter, here's the list of best geysers water heaters in India 2021.


Best Geysers in India: If you’re trying to find the best geyser to keep yourself warm this winter, then this text can allow you to understand everything you wish to urge yourself to buy the best geyser water heaters in India 2021.

Best Geysers in India

We’ll tell you concerning the most effective geysers/water heaters gift within the market. We’ve picked these heaters supported however well they balance power, sturdiness, and price for cash.

Besides, we’ll additionally give a close shopping guide to assist you to get the Best Geysers in India that most closely fits your wants.

Best Water Heaters in India

We’ve tested these heaters out ourselves with our consultants, and you’ll beyond question notice one you wish.

1. AO Smith five Star twenty-five liter Vertical hot-water tank

This electric fire from AO Smith offers reliable performance and wonderful sturdiness. It’s one of the foremost common heaters on the market due to its nice options.

  • Powerful tank with enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • The high-quality element lasts a protracted time.
  • 5-star BEE rating with PUF technology making certain power savings.
  • Convenient temperature controls for simple use.
  • A sleek style that blends in with any surroundings.

AO Smith five Star twenty-five liter Vertical hot-water tank

This twenty-five-liter hot-water tank uses Blue Diamond Glass-Lining technology that reduces scaling accumulation on the tank. Moreover, it enhances the sturdiness and strength of the tank. Thanks to the technology, the tank has twice the corrosion resistance compared to different geysers. Now, let’s name however exceptionally economical this hot-water tank is.

A customized alloy protects the element from corrosion, enhancing its sturdiness. There’s additionally a glass coating on the part, that ensures uniform heating and continuous water.

Another profit you get with this geyser from AO Smith is that it’s not serious on your electricity bills. To start with, it’s a 5-star BEE rating other than that, the Advanced PUF insulation technology additionally helps save power. It will have no gaps between the tank and insulation.

Even more, this heater is additionally sensible. You’ll use the Thermostat to line the water temperature. This makes the element stop operative once the water reaches the set temperature. The design doesn’t go unnoticed either. It comes with a sleek, fashionable end that enhances any toilet. Overall, this sensible heater truly deserves to get on our list of the most effective geysers in India.


  • High capability.
  • More sturdy than commonplace heaters.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Auto-stops once the warmth reaches an explicit purpose.


  • Takes some effort to line up.
  • Makes odd noises on occasions.
  • Indicator lights aren’t simple to check.

2. Bajaj New Shakti twenty five-liter Storage Vertical hot-water tank

Bajaj has created a reputation for itself in India with its merchandise of fantastic quality. This twenty-five-liter heater is one among them. It additionally comes in capacities of ten and fifteen liters.

  • Compact size with massive capability.
  • Inner tank lined with glass for a lot of sturdiness.
  • Magnesium anode provides sturdy protection against corrosion and outpouring.
  • Cable extension that doesn’t ignite simply.
  • Only 2000 watts of power consumption, with a 4-star BEE rating.

This Bajaj geyser is extraordinarily versatile. It’s compact, and it fits into any place, however, while not sacrificing capability. It will keep the maximum amount as twenty-five Litres of water. With its sturdiness, you don’t lose its performance for keeping most water either.Bajaj New Shakti twenty five-liter Storage Vertical hot-water tank Speaking of sturdiness, let’s have a glance at however well it holds up and the way it deals with hazards. The inner tank of this hot-water tank includes a formidable glass-lined coating. This reduces the possibilities of corrosion and rust, creating it last way longer. to not mention, the metallic element additionally will increase the geyser’s protection against corrosion, alongside any outpouring.

Besides, that’s not the sole manner it will prevent cash. The heater includes a heap of safety measures additionally. These measures will stop warming, dry heating, and excess pressure. Even more, the cable extension of the heater is noncombustible additionally. thus there’s not about to be a lot of to fret concerning, be it together with your machine or your safety.

With powerful options and large storage capability, comes quite a ton of power savings. It solely consumes a mere 2000 watts and includes a high 4-star BEE rating.


  • Corrosion-free.
  • User friendly, with safety measures.
  • Can handle high pressures.


  • The product doesn’t go together with installation accessories.

3. AO Smith 15-Litre 2000-Watt Vertical hot-water tank

Another decision from AO Smith. Despite them being a US-based company, they create merchandise excellent for Indian conditions. This 15L geyser stands out among that merchandise.

  • Robust Blue Diamond tank that’s terribly long-lived.
  • Handles 8-bars of pressure.
  • Can work well with water.
  • Temperature management for lighter use.
  • A 5-star BEE rating guarantees superior energy savings.

This geyser comes with all the innovative and advanced technologies AO Smith is thought for, in very many compact types. The hot-water tank will wait for fifteen Litres of water, despite however little it’s.

AO Smith 15-Litre 2000-Watt Vertical hot-water tank

First, you get AO Smith’s dependable Blue Diamond tank, not to mention glass linings. Thus maintenance prices are going to be way lower, and you’ll get high-quality heating for a really, terribly while.

It’s not solely the distinctive Blue Diamond tank that has the heater sturdy rust resistance. On prime of that, there’s additionally associate in Nursing anode rod with a steel core of stainless steel. It will shield the tank from erosion due to water.

Moreover, the hot-water tank includes an escape cock that helps to unharness gas pressure, discharging the water, and preventing accidents. It will manage a pressure of eight bars, which isn’t common in most geysers. In fact, if you’re trying to find a heater for high-rise lodging, this is often excellent.

That’s not all of its capabilities although. It will rise up well to water. The utilization of a glass-coated element, it will stop the build-up of scales and sediments. So, it will operate swimmingly, even in places that have water.

Of course, it’s terribly reliable in terms of usage additionally. There’s a temperature management knob on the front panel. With it, you’ll modify the temperature from 25℃ to 75℃. Once it reaches the set temperature, it turns itself off on its own to forestall excessive heating.

It’s additionally sensible for your budget within the future, with solely 2000 watts of energy consumption. That’s one among very cheap figures a geyser will have.


  • Low maintenance.
  • Good to be used with water.
  • Can stand plenty of pressure.
  • Energy-saving.


  • Installation isn’t free.
  • After-sales service wants improvement.

4. V-Guard Victo fifteen liters Water Geyser

V-Guard is skilled in making distinctive home appliances. They’ve created a number of the most effective inverters in India. Likewise, their fifteen liter Victo Water Geyser simply competes for the position of the most effective geyser in Asian countries.

  • A sleek cylindrical look will increase toilet attractiveness.
  • Long-lasting build quality.
  • Multi-layered safety system for optimum protection.
  • Thermal cutout makes usage lighter.
  • Simple however effective front panel.

First off, let’s name the planning that sets it with the exception of different water heaters. The Victo doesn’t look large, and, in fact, it makes the space look polished. Despite that, it’s still one of the most effective fifteen-liter water heaters out there.V-Guard Victo fifteen liters Water Geyser

And it will do its best for the user for a protracted time. That’s as a result of the outer body being created of high-quality low-carbon steel, alongside Associate in Nursing anti-corrosive powder coating. It will keep excellent notwithstanding the lavatory surroundings are extremely wet.

Besides, the inner tank is created of thick-gauge steel exploitation single-lined fastening technology. There’s even a superior glass-lined coating safeguarding it from corrosion and different aspect effects of water.

It’s additionally terribly safe because it uses a robust four-layered safety system. The Thermostat offers you precise management over the temperature. There’s additionally a thermal cut-out that prevents warming by isolating the facility. Thus, you’ll leave it to figure, and it’ll stop itself once it gets to the temperature you set.

The multifunctional valve offers exceptional pressure management to guard your hot-water tank against hazards. Lastly, there’s an additional|an added} extra feature that helps bar corrosion, that is that the metallic element anode.

Even the front panel isn’t disregarded; it’s a contemporary end to that, and therefore the indicator lights square measure simple to scan.


  • High corrosion resistance.
  • Comes with installation accessories.
  • Top-level performance.
  • Unique look.
  • A long period of time.


  • Takes beyond regular time to heat water in cold conditions.

5. Crompton Amica ASWH-2015 15-Litre Storage hot-water tank

Crompton is another identified complete within the hot-water tank house. Their merchandise has received plenty of public admiration. The Amica isn’t any less. It offers excellent options with lasting sturdiness.

  • Powerful element for optimum performance.
  • The corrosion-resistant tank lasts a protracted time.
  • Rust-free style.
  • Variable temperatures for energy savings.
  • Multiple safety options.

This is a geyser that not solely gets a 5-star rating from BEE, however a 5-star performance rating from a North American nation additionally. It will do everything well, from heating and everyone thanks to simple use. Let’s take an Associate in Nursing in-depth consideration of these.

The element of this hot-water tank is a lot more powerful than commonplace ones. designed with high-quality materials, this copper element lets the geyser heat up the water quicker than ever. So, you get not solely power savings, comfort, and sturdiness, however additionally most performance.Crompton Amica ASWH-2015 15-Litre Storage hot-water tank

Moreover, the big storage is kind of economical additionally, because the tank will hold the water up with no risk of corrosion. With chemical compound coating and poly bond technology on the tank, it’s wonderful corrosion resistance.

There’s additional reaction resistance, even in extreme temperature and pressure. There won’t be any rust growing outside either, because the metal body includes a powder coating.

Of course, the facility comes with no sacrifice to energy consumption. It reduces the number it takes up through its standby interrupt feature. because of the cherry on the cake, you furthermore may produce other options centered on user safety.

The Amica contains a high preciseness thermostat, a reset knob, and a pre-set thermal cutout. It additionally deals well against sudden power cuts and voltage fluctuations.


  • Ideal for high-rise buildings.
  • Dry heating protection.
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant.


  • Mediocre after-sales service.


Best Water Heaters in India: Water heaters, often known as geysers, have become an essential part of every home. When the weather is cold and you need to take a bath, a water heater comes in handy. When purchasing a geyser, consider the power consumption, capacity, and time it takes to heat the water. We’ve produced a list of the best geysers in India to assist you in making your decision.

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