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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is about the strategies used when managing a company's customer and client relations as well as...


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is about the strategies used when managing a company’s customer and client relations as well as prospective sales. It uses technology to automate, catalogue and integrate processes mainly to do with sales, but can also include technical support, marketing processes and customer service.

A great example of a CRM tool

Pipeline CRM is an example of a CRM technological tool. It is for all kinds of businesses including those who use a lot of telemarketing. It offers businesses a modern tool so that you can view things happening in real-time. Managers can better track how well different campaigns are working, there progress and a lot more. Different firms can focus on different processes and options but can create something customers and clients respond a lot better to.

Better connection between the business and their clients

When running telemarketing campaigns it is common to outsource them today. It is more efficient to make use of a marketing company. But the problem the business runs into is that there is a loss of connection between the client and the company. When campaigns are not being run in-house it can be harder to track them and when clients or customers have contact from places overseas that have no real connection to the business this makes then less likely to trust a company.

Pipeline CRMs can help solve this problem because they help bridge the gap between a call center and the client so there is a real connection. Any region, of any campaign, can all have monitoring and checks by managers and sales agents. It can provide reports that are up to the minute, more accurate and cover closed sales as well as forecast.

Benefits to the businesses

Examples of benefits you will see include;

  1. Appointments scheduled proactively are automated on the calendars of the sales
  2. Up to date reports and announcements for leads
  3. Reports reflect progress in real-time
  4. The process of sales is tracked carefully at each stage
  5. An unlimited amount of territories in sales are possible


Using pipeline CRM makes outsourcing telemarketing a more viable alternative to using more traditional strategies for marketing as long as it is used properly. For a long time businesses outsourced their telemarketing to cheaper countries overseas but it did not make customers happy. With this tool, you can have that option again if you want to. Business is easier with it and customers are happier.

At we offer outstanding management software for leads and deals that is perfectly suited to help your sales department. There is no need to install the software, it is online and you can access it all from anywhere at any time. It is extremely user friendly and customizable so that any business can make changes so it suits your specific needs. Accounts have unlimited storage, users and contacts and you get immediate access! Take a closer look and see what you think!

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