The Complete Local SEO Guide For Multiple Locations And Franchises

Website optimization is a challenging but necessary undertaking to provide the best experience to your website’s audience.


Website optimization is a challenging but necessary undertaking to provide the best experience to your website’s audience. It also aids in increasing traffic and generating leads. Although there are several ways to improve the website for local search, a good ranking for the website at multiple locations and franchises does need a unique strategy. This guide by Local Brand Advisor will help you understand every detail of local SEO so that your business can grow. Read along to know how to maximize your business presence and dominate local SEO rankings.

Making Web Pages Based On Location

Despite having one website for your business, you must have separate web pages for each franchise based on its location. If you place all the information regarding each local office on just one webpage, it creates a horrible experience for visitors due to ambiguity; hence, it will not help you in SEO ranking.

Through separate landing pages, you can optimize the location with the help of keywords that pertain to that particular area, thus enhancing your search engine ranking. You can also add interactive maps and text descriptions to the designed page so that customers can locate your office’s location.

In addition, you must mention location name, address, local phone number, and other content like the manager’s name, news, and announcements on respective web pages. Additionally, you must be creative to make every location page distinguishable.

Create A Google My Business Listing

After generating individual URLs for every franchise’s website, create a ‘Google My Business listing’ for your location. This Google feature directs customers directly to the location’s unique web page. It links the URL to the Google listing.

Although it is a lengthy process, especially if you have a massive business, it is worth waiting. Google may take weeks to verify the mentioned locations. You need to add photos and select the category (type of service or product) of each specified place.

Consistent Citations

It may seem to be redundant, but it does affect the SEO ranking. So, build a standard format to write Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) and use it when advertising, printing, and releasing press works. It will simply promote the resource and become your mark, making it easier for search engines to track you. Crosscheck inconsistency in NAP through tools like Bing, yellow pages, or Moz Local.

 Take Help From Local Media And Directories

It would be best if you spread the word about your business on all possible platforms. Create vivid news feeds and campaigns to get local ratings and selections by contacting the local media. You can register on small sites to build links, drive traffic to your site, and interact with a local audience.

The primary purpose of generating local awareness is to gain customers’ trust and enhance local search ranking. Therefore, if you have the time and budget, market yourself by contacting influencers, bloggers, and news channels.

 Focus On The Customer’s Review

It is not easy to answer every visitor’s query and solve every problem coming your way. However, to get an appraisal from customers on the website is a direct promotion of your brand. You must encourage your clients to leave good reviews, share their opinion, or offer star ratings of your local services. The more comments you get, the greater the chances of customers visiting the site location. In addition, reviews are vital for local SEO as they define your business’s sincerity.

Build Backlinks

Building backlinks is essential for SEO because it indicates that other resources find your content valuable and reliable. A website with a good number of backlinks is ranked higher. To create local backlinks, you can contact other local businesspersons allied with yours. Also, bloggers and other content writers can mention the link of your website within their page to support you. Though you can buy backlinks, genuine link building is more appreciated and can be gained by hosting local events, sponsoring local products, or creating native content to attract local people.

You must diligently incorporate the points mentioned above to boost the local SEO rankings of the locations your business has a presence in. If you still find it demanding, take assistance from the Local Brand Advisor Company who will help you enhance local SEO ranking hassle-free.

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