How to Develop a Top-notch Android App

Here We are going to discuss how to develop an android app and what are the major steps taken by the android app Development Company. Android App Maker...


How to Develop an Android App: In this digital era, Smartphone becomes our favorite choice for completing most of our activities. If I am not wrong, then most probably you all spent most of the time while engaging with your smartphone. But I want to know what the reason behind it is. Probably you will answer it’s all due to mobile apps.

How to Develop a Top-notch Android App

Mobile apps allow us to perform several tasks easily through our smartphone like ticket booking, ordering food, games, and many more. If we look at app stores, then we found there are millions of app running in the app store and that’s the reason mobile app development preferred as an easy to grow business.

How to Develop a Top-notch Android AppThere is a various app development platform, but Android is far beyond than other, only iOS is near it. So, that’s why most of the businesses preferred Android app development.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss how to easily develop an android app and what are the major steps taken by android app Development Company while developing the app.

Steps to Create an Android App

It is important to know steps using which you can create a top-notch android app that fulfills your customer’s needs.

1. Start with Android Studio

Android Studio, which comes directly from Google itself, is the most popular IDE for Android creation. Google Studio is interesting, as it’s specifically built for the production of Mobile device providers.

2. Installation of JDK

Now is the time for some more constructive action after the release of Android Studio! To use Android Studio, you will install Java on your computer. The JDK will read the program creation code and compile it.

3. Work on Your project

Pick the choice ‘Launch a new Android Studio Project.’ Enter the name and the ‘business domain’ you want for your submission. Those are all components that are found in a file like this APK, which you can add at the end to the Google Play Store, to build your product name.

4. Choosing Layout

You will now pick a layout name for the task that you chose. It will decide where photos and menus go and which fonts you are going to use. Pick a screen name and game name. Select something unique for the word, so the users can see it at times.

Android Application Development

5. Choose Activity

You can pick the way you want this app to appear at the edge. It is the feel of your ‘Task Unit,’ the main page of your app. Different fields are available for your app, including models, descriptions, Google map access, full-screen activity, blank activity, etc. I agree that the ‘Simple Task’ is best suited to making it as simple as possible and for any reason.

6. Addition of Button to Activity

Pick Button from the Palette menu on the left of the screen. To be put under the welcome post, press and drag Icon. Go to the property afterward and check the text area. Switch the “New Press” text to “Next Line.”

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Return to content main.xml and click on the button. You can see an alternative called ‘onClick’ in the right corner, where you have your button parameters. Click this, and then select the ‘onClick’ option. In doing so, you said that you want to connect the code segment with the generated button in Android Studio.

7. Testing

Now the time comes to test and run your app. Only go to “run” from the top and pick the “run button” in the down menu. Follow the steps to launch your application with the simulator. Also, make sure that your app is fully tested that forgotten by some of the app development companies.

Top Features to Consider While Android App Development

  • Images and videos: If you are using images and videos in your app then it becomes easy for you to attract a large number of audiences and engage them with your app. It also allows you to disclose your services in an attractive way.
  • Social Network: The functionality of the social network lets you conveniently communicate through your social network with users. It allows people to share updates, commentary, and blogs much like Facebook.
  • Push Notification: It is the most powerful tool that can engage your users in an attractive manner. Using it you can deliver instant news regarding any offers, discounts, promotions, and much more.
  • App Analytics: One of the best functionality, app analytics will certainly help you assess the success of your data and keep track of your user actions, which will further improve your understanding.

Why Develop Android Apps?

If you know what you need and expect to create your applications and launch them, Android will surely turn your wealth around. This is also very inexpensive compared with Apple when selling applications in app stores, not only are Android users high in size, but also iOS. Here are some of the key reasons for developing Android apps:

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