The Dos and Don’ts of Group Texting in the Workplace


Texting helps you stay in touch with employees and get messages to them quickly when you have news to share. It helps you ask employees for favors and give them updates regarding projects taking place. There are rules to follow when texting in the workplace, though, so that the communication is handled without bothering, confusing, or offending anyone.

Make Sure that Recipients Know Who the Text is Coming From

When sending out a text to all of your employees, keep in mind that some individuals might not have your phone number saved in their phones. To avoid confusion, consider signing your texts if you are not sure if everyone has your number. If you do not want your messages to be ignored, you need to make sure that everyone knows who they are coming from. If possible, get your phone number shared with all of your employees before you start to send any group messages to them so that they can save the number and receive your messages and open them.

Don’t Share Personal Information in Group Texts

If you have an employee who is going to be out of work for a time because of something going on in their personal life and you need to let others know that they will be gone, be vague in the way that you explain things via a group text. There may be cases where you will explain exactly what is going on in a personal conversation with someone, but you do not want to do that via group texting. Use bulk text to send out general information that is applicable to everyone, and text people individually when you have a personal message for them or private information that you want to share.

Use Group Texting When You Want to Get Information to Employees Quickly

There are times when your team is working on a project, and you need to get information to them quickly. During those times, you can send out texts and get everyone in the know as soon as you have an update to share. When working on an important project, let your team know to be on the lookout for texts from you that might help with the work that they are doing.

Don’t Text Too Often

When you text your team too often, you start to annoy them, and you cause them to ignore the texts that you send. If you want each message that you send to be read right away, be selective in choosing times to send out group texts. Think about whether or not it is important that you get a text out, and find times to send emails over texts so that you do not overwhelm those who are working for you.

Give Employees a Way of Communicating Directly with You

When you send a group text, you want your employees to have the chance to respond to that. When responding, you want them to be able to reach you individually rather than having to respond to the whole team. Make sure that your texts are sent in a way that provides your team with the chance to get back to you and communicate with your personally.

Don’t Forget an Employee When Attempting to Send a Text to Your Whole Team

Group texting might frustrate some on your team, especially those who are not used to using their phones too much. Group texting will really get to your employees when you attempt to send something to the whole team, and you leave out an individual or two. Know who you are trying to contact, and make sure that you do not leave anyone out as you are pressing in the numbers of your intended recipients. Follow up with individuals when you send out an important text and receive no response to make sure that they actually received your message.

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