Why has esports become more popular than real sports?

Why has esports become more popular than real sports?

Young people are no longer interested in football because they have other platforms where they can distract themselves. There are Twitch and YouTube, where Generation Z now spends more time watching other people play games than many sporting events.

Reasons why esports is better than real sports

  • Constantly evolving gameplay.

For some people, this may be the opposite of the reason they enjoy traditional sports, CEO of Shangri La, Darren Keane noted. They can watch a few games, not check them out for a year, come back and everything will be the same. The teams will have different lineups, and there will be a strange new uniform. But the rules are the same, the formations are not too different, it’s all the same, and sometimes it gets boring. But in esports, patches and balance tweaks are released, new characters are created, and new strategies are constantly being unlocked.

Why has esports become more popular than real sports?

If you’ve been a League of Legends player since the start of Season 1 and left just six months ago, then returning to it now would be a big surprise for you. The item shop is different, with over 10 new champions, as well as a rework of one of the main cards.

  • Viewing is free, in high definition anywhere and anything.

Sure, you can watch sports with a standard digital TV connection, and you can watch some sports online for free. But it’s not that easy with the vast majority of them. Not ready to pay money for your next UFC pay-per-view fight? You’re out of luck because the companies behind these streams remove pirated videos offline within hours of posting and store them for months after the event. So you’ll never find the recording – until perhaps they will not publish it themselves.

Compare that to the latest and greatest competitions hosted by the biggest esports organizations in the world. Seriously, go right now to the main page of Major League Gaming, what’s right in the middle? Free live streaming of the most popular competitive games at the moment, said Darren Keane from Shangri La. They are loaded automatically. Of course, there are fast ads, but compare that to having to pay for cable or satellite TV and deal with ads.

  • No geographic, political or cultural boundaries.

When it comes to accepting other races, sexuality, and gender, games are often treated poorly. Some of it is well-deserved, most of it is just kids playing games that their parents shouldn’t have let them play. But in the end, professional games have much better results than traditional sports. Hardly a week goes by without football fans or the players themselves being accused of racist acts or chants.

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