A Guide To Agrochemical And Pesticide Storage Cabinets

If you are working with dangerous agrochemicals and pesticides and you still haven’t bought appropriate storage or don’t know what kind to buy?


If you are working with dangerous agrochemicals and pesticides and you still haven’t bought appropriate storage or don’t know what kind to buy, here is our guide to help you. There are a few types you can choose from depending on what you need to store in the cabinets. The most important thing is that they are sealable and durable.

Pesticide Storage Cabinets

Here’s what you need to know about color-coded cabinets and what each is used for.

1. Red and green

Red and green cabinets are used for agrochemicals and pesticides. These substances can leak gases if their containers are compromised so the cabinets need to be well ventilated to prevent the entrapment of those gases. You can find common pesticides and weed killers stored in those cabinets, as well as more specialized agriculture-related chemicals. These pesticide COSHH cabinets are also clearly labeled with the’ hazardous to health’ warning sign.

2. Red

Red cabinets are mainly used to store flammable products that must be kept away from chemicals and other substances that can act as accelerants. In case of an emergency or fire breaking out the cabinet is designed to hold back the fire and give people time to respond before it gets out of hand. Make sure only appropriate substances are stored to minimize the risk of this happening.

The cabinet should also have a sign marking it as flammable storage and warnings about what not to include with the flammable liquids stored inside.

3. Yellow or grey

Yellow or grey cabinets are mainly used to store substances that come under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations. These cabinets are used to store substances that are hazardous on contacts like caustic cleaning fluids, pesticides, and some veterinary medicines.

Their main purpose is to contain any spills and prevent them from mixing to create something even more dangerous. This is why often these cabinets will have shelves with a curved lips. The cabinet will also have a sign to warn against contact with the hazardous substances inside.

4. White

 White cabinets are specifically designed to contain acids and alkalis. Since these substances should be kept apart to avoid any mixing of the two the design has taken that into account. The substances are also very corrosive so the cabinet needs to be designed with this in mind.

Like the yellow and grey cabinet, the white one also uses a hazardous to health sign as a warning.


A cabinet for agrochemicals and pesticides and any other dangerous chemicals and liquids you may store needs to have appropriate safety features like lockable doors, spill control, fire protection, and ventilation. It should also feature an appropriate warning sign. Always check this and don’t only rely on the color. As mentioned previously red can be used for flammable and for agrochemicals and pesticides substances.

To minimize risk make sure you store everything correctly and if need be in different cabinets to minimize risks of mixing of chemicals, liquids, or gases.

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