How and Why Buy Mushrooms?


The group of hallucinogenic mushrooms includes psychodysleptics, entheogens, and depersonalizes, which contain certain substances that, when ingested, build into the nervous system and alter it. To use them to change the mind began in ancient times, and some cultures used them in their rituals.

Today, most countries have banned their distribution and use, however, this kind of drug addiction cannot be completely stopped because of the availability of psychedelics growing in nature.

Peculiarities of the use of mushrooms

The magic mushrooms product affects the body in a variety of ways: from euphoria to hallucinations or panic attacks. To make your experience more pleasant and safe, it is worth considering a few tips. The consumption of narcotic fruits, in some cases, causes nausea or vomiting. To avoid this, it is recommended not to eat anything for a few hours (preferably a day) before the trip. To make the “diet” easier, drink plenty of water. If you get too hungry, eat some fruit.

Take magic mushrooms Canada instances in a calm environment. This will increase the chances of a positive experience. It is recommended that you have someone by your side (preferably someone already experienced in using psilocybin). This person will keep an eye on you until you return to normal.

A trip can be visually intense, morally stimulating, or philosophically important to you. Sometimes there is an unexpected urge to get creative. Therefore, leave some paper, pens, and paints around. You may want to draw or write a poem.

The benefits of eating mushrooms

Not everyone likes the earthy and mild taste of “magical” specimens, but the altered state of consciousness that they cause is something that many people like. Fortunately, there is no need to endure unpleasant sensations for the sake of a trip. Now you can easily disguise the psychedelic mushrooms by especially cooking them.

How and Why Buy Mushrooms

When it comes to “magic” cooking, the possibilities are endless. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Psilocybin can simply be added to all your favorite drinks and dishes, or you can create real “masterpieces”. Thanks to this, your psychedelic experience can become much more interesting.

For your first experiment, 1.5 to 2.0 grams of dried Psilocybin Cubensis mushrooms (or 10 to 15 grams of fresh mushrooms) are enough. With such a dosage you will easily enter a trip, get acquainted with all its charms and you will be able to control yourself and the situation. You won’t run off into the unknown, you won’t hurt yourself. Even with the symptoms of Bad Trip will be able to cope with the situation.

Buy mushrooms

Specialized online stores offer to buy shrooms online, devoid of any psychoactive components, hallucinogenic mushroom spores, available for shipment to any corner of the globe. Most of them are rich in psilocybin, ready to give the inquisitive lover a fun new mystical experience, their spore print has no psychoactive substances.

The spores of hallucinogenic mushrooms online can be freely ordered in seed shops to give yourself or a friend an unusual gift.

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