How To Survive in Rust

Rust, a virtual game developed by Facepunch Studios, was released in December 2013. Its main objective is one thing, and it is to survive.


Are you looking for a more realistic survival video game? Then you should try playing Rust!

Rust, a virtual game developed by Facepunch Studios, was released in December 2013. Its main objective is one thing, and it is to survive. You will be finding yourself stranded with only a piece of rock and torch. Prepare to encounter animals and adapt to wildlife.

To make all of these more exciting, Rust is an online multiplayer game which means you will be playing against all Rust-gamers around the world. Combat one another and emerge victorious in this survival of the fittest.

Here are the basic tips you should know about for you to survive in the game if you want to try this game out.

1. Find a source of food.

The first thing you should do is to find food. Your main source would be through hunting animals. Once killed, you can eat them raw or cooked them in the fire. There are also fruits that you can find around the area like apples, raspberries, and blueberries. Random food can also appear like candy canes and tuna cans. The mushrooms are edible too.

2. Search for craftable items.

Crafting materials are also vital for you to have essential tools and instruments for hunting, building a shelter, etc. Crafting a campfire is important for survival. There are three crafting levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. Collect materials like stone and wood and search for Blueprints which will be your guide in crafting the tools. Weapons like pistols, grenades, and hatchets can be crafted too.

3. Watch out for wild animals.

Be careful not to get attacked by wild animals. While some may be friendly, others can kill you in an instant. The animals you may encounter depends on the area where you are. There are bears, wolves, chickens, boars, deers, and horses.

4. Fight off the other players.

Remember that this is a multiplayer survival game — you are also up against other players. You can combat one another for food and other essentials. Some players may be planning to kill you while you are asleep. Make sure to create strategies on how you can survive against other Rust players.

5. You can also create allies.

Another thing that you can try to survive is to form allies with other players. This way, you can look out for one another and more chances to fight off other players and steal their belongings.

6. Stay hydrated!

One of the basic rules of survival is to find your source of water to stay hydrated. Dehydration can be a possible reason for death.

7. Always monitor your ‘statuses’.

Like most games, Rust has status bars where you can monitor your body’s state. These statuses can tell you what your character needs most. You will be able to know if its body temperature is not normal (too hot or too cold) and if it is bleeding, hungry, dehydrated, and uncomfortable. You can also see if it is wounded, drowning, or poisoned. For you to stay longer in the game and survive, your status must always be stable. Once you see too high or too low levels on the bars, make sure to find what your character needs immediately. Neglect can lead to death.

Keep in mind all that we mentioned, and you can survive in Rust. Another tip that can help you out during the game is through Rust aimbot hack. This can guarantee you perfect aim on whatever you want to attack — making sure each bullet hits accurately. Enjoy premium undetectable hacks you can use to survive and dominate Rust. Nothing says fulfillment but a successful thrilling game of survival and strategies in Rust.

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