The Impact of Slow Site Speeds on Marketing Agencies

Impact of Slow Site Speeds on Marketing Agencies: When you visit a website, you are looking to view its contents quickly, right? So, what do you do if it is


Impact of Slow Site Speeds on Marketing Agencies: When you visit a website, you are looking to view its contents quickly, right? So, what do you do if it is taking forever to load? My guess is you would move on to a site that loads quicker. We live in a fast-paced world where patience with technology runs thin.

If a page doesn’t load in a few seconds, we get frustrated and move on. Site variancetv speed is a term used to describe the time it takes for a page to load. With the general population not having tech-patience, it’s no surprise that site speed often determines the amount of traffic a website gets.

Now, you probably have some questions about site speed and how to improve it. So, let’s take a look at a few points and tips for turning your slow site speed into a fast site speed:

Impact of Slow Site Speeds on Marketing Agencies

Slow Site Speed: What causes it?

Just like a train going down a track: The heavier the cargo, the slower the speed. When your site is weighed down with unnecessary or under-utilized components, it will be slow when loading. Using a template to create a website often means taking on unnecessary “baggage” in the form of features that you won’t even be using.

If you have a custom-made website, features and functions are only added when they are deemed necessary. So, having a custom website will lighten your website’s load and speed it up. Also, having a website designed specifically for your line of work and for your customers goes a long way with first impressions. With the help of these top free website builders, you can make a perfect website.

Most of the time, your customers will see your website before a physical location. Make a great first impression by putting in the time and dedication it takes for a development team to design a unique site. So, not only will a customized website increase your site speed, but it will also give the best first impression any customer could ask for!

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Another way to speed up your website’s loading time is to keep graphics that require complex coding and/or storage space to a minimum. You don’t need to have a “skeleton” website (where it is so basic it looks like a 10-year old designed it). Just don’t go overboard with fancy slides, large pictures, etc.

Plus, if you get too caught up in making your website “attractive” with all kinds of graphics, you will more than likely overwhelm your website’s visitors. Find that happy medium between too basic and too advanced…that area is the perfect spot for your website to thrive.

Slow Site Speed: Impact on Inbound Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies are built on client relationships. Not only do inbound marketing agencies build relationships with their clients, but also the clients of their clients (talk about a tongue-twister!). Being the one agency that so many people rely on can be intimidating and stressful. Add in a slow site speed and the headaches will amplify! Here’s an example: A marketing agency has a client who owns a chain of sports gear stores.

Marketing Agencies

He has hired this agency to bring in more customers to his stores and increase his sales. So, the agency suggests the creation of a website and an app. Once the website is created and has gone live, the store owner complains because he isn’t seeing an uptick in business.

The agency decides to evaluate the website’s effectiveness and finds it has an incredibly slow site speed. So, customers were clicking on the website but eventually leaving it because it took too long to load. The owner decides to take his business to a different marketing agency since this agency couldn’t deliver on its promise of better business.

This is just one example of how slow site speeds can impact a marketing agency. A marketing agency is a success or failure based on its clients’ experiences. All agencies must have satisfied clients to survive in the business venue. Keeping your clients happy and delivering on your promises are what build an agency into a first choice for customers? Don’t let a small thing like a slow site speed ruin your marketing agency’s reputation and future!

Slow Site Speed: Affecting Search Results

As you may or may not already know, there is a popular online marketing strategy called “SEO” which stands for Search Engine Optimization. This strategy helps businesses wrangle in more website visitors (who may become customers) by using keywords. If the keywords users search with are found on a website, the search engine sill put that website on its results page(s). To up their game, Google added a component into its search formula that measured which sites were loading faster.

Then, they gave top pick of the search results list to those sites with faster site speeds. Imagine you are an agency that has developed a website for a client using the SEO strategy. All of your keywords are in place and according to your analysis software, you should be the first site on the search results list when a potential customer searches for your client’s products.

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However, when you go to test the analysis, you find that your client’s website is the last search result listed on the first page of results. How can this be?! If everything is in order with your SEO plan, the next step should be to double-check the site speed.

Google will bump a search result item down the list if the site is exhibiting a slower site speed. Implementing an SEO plan can be time-consuming, so do yourself a favour and make sure your site speed is up-to-par in addition to creating an SEO plan!

Slow Site Speed: Conclusion

Slow site speeds are never fun to deal with; it doesn’t matter if you are a marketing agency, a business’ owner, an employee, or a customer. When developing or updating a website, be sure your development team doesn’t add too many “bells and whistles” (especially ones that won’t be used by customers daily).

These extra components are just one of the things that could slow your site speed. Your development team should be able to produce a website that is fast-loading, attractive, and guaranteed to pull in new customers for you.

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