What Are Innovative Ways to Make Money Online In India?

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The Indian marketplace is very competitive, with everyone finding legal ways to earn some money. However, there is a lot to get from the virtual world beyond the physical labor market. From the comfort of your home in India, you can make a lot of money online.

Non-Obvious and Creative Ways to Make Money Online

If you haven’t heard, we should tell you that gold is on the internet, gold waiting for you to mine it. That thing you only do as a hobby can become a money-making idea for you. Your skills, knowledge, and experience, maybe, are what you need to make money online.

Interestingly, the internet takes away every barrier to making money. You can be in India and earn money from a customer base outside your country; that’s how powerful the digital world is.

Without further ado, let’s share ten innovative ways you can dig out the gold in the digital world.

Freelancing or blogging

Freelancing is one of the most popular means of making money online. Freelancing sites let you offer your skills to businesses, blogs, individuals, and others who need them. These sites already have the businesses that need your services; they’re only waiting for you to register and start work.

You can work as an independent contractor or an agency offering your services to a global audience on these freelancing sites. There is no hard rule to getting started on freelancing sites; you only need to find the one that works best for your abilities.

If you’re skilled at content writing but don’t want to work on freelancing sites, you can blog. Like freelancing sites, there are blogging sites available with features already in place. The sites also let you register for free, but you may not monetize your site on the free version. You can choose a niche such as travel, food recipes, book reviews, and start blogging.

Sell online courses or write eBooks

Selling online courses is another lucrative and innovative way of making money online. If you know what people are looking for, you can create a course from it and sell it to them. You may want to do your homework, choose your niche, and follow the right way to see profits.

Interestingly, you can create any course on any niche and sell it repeatedly, making a lot of money from one course. Are you knowledgeable about any field peculiar to the Indian market? Then, create an online course on it, find your target audience, and pitch your course to them.

Dropshipping is an online venture involving the middleman between a product manufacturer and clients; it requires no capital.

Writing and publishing eBooks is another innovative way of making money online from the comfort of your home in India. Some platforms, like Amazon Kindle Publishing, let you publish for free, although they’ll take a commission on your sales. Some take publishing fees from you, but all proceeds from the sale are yours.

Social media and YouTube

Social media is not only for fun; some people are there for business. You can use social media to run advertisements, sell products, conduct online courses, and many more. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are common social media platforms you can explore and monetize.

YouTubers are making it big; research shows YouTube pays its users billions of dollars annually. All you need is a good recording phone, some editing skills, and your A-game on! In addition, you will need to exercise patience while devising the best means to grow your audience over time.


Dropshipping is an online venture involving the middleman between a product manufacturer and clients; it requires no capital. You advertise the product to an audience; once people show interest, they pay, and you make the order. Remember to add your interest to the fee because that’s where you will be making your profits. The manufacturing company is responsible for sorting, packaging, and delivering orders to customers.

IPL betting

Betting on IPL is a simple and creative way to make money online. You start by choosing a good betting site in India like Parimatch, opening an account with the site, depositing some cash, and starting betting. Additionally, you should consider the offers and features provided by the platform; ensure they are in your favor. If you bet skillfully and wisely, you’ll be making tons of cash in no time.

Consider affiliate marketing or sell digital products

Affiliate marketing is a profitable means of making lots of cash online in India, especially if you have many followers on social media. It requires no investment; you become an affiliate marketer with big brands like Amazon. You market their products with a specialized link and earn a commission when people purchase via your link.

Digital products such as PDFs and UX kits fetch a great price when sold. You can sell them on your blog, website, social media, and via Amazon, Udemy, or Coursera. You only need to make this product once and then sell it as many times as you want. The more digital products you can sell over an extended period, the more money you keep making from the comfort of your home.LSM99


Whoever says they are broke today doesn’t know the digital world’s opportunities. These opportunities are not limited to the barriers of location or subject to the stress of the everyday hustle, and bustle India is known for. You have the skill and the will; put it to work and start wielding the digital sphere to your advantage.

For an online channel like IPL betting, you can make a lot of money from Parimatch. The responsive website, awesome features, numerous game options, and user security are why you should consider Parimatch.

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