Know everything about India’s first-ever social rummy app playship


Do you enjoy playing rummy with friends & family? And have to wait till your next family or friends reunion for playing rummy together as you are living in different places and can’t meet frequently? You must be missing that fun time right then. Why not try playship and live those memories again.

Now, you must be wondering what is playship and all? In this article, we have explained everything about this app, so you can enjoy playing rummy with your family and friends at whatever time you want.

About Playship

Playship is a social rummy app for playing rummy with friends and family. It is India’s first-ever social rummy app where you can play rummy with friends and family while chatting and talking. It will make you feel that you are playing in one room together though living in different places. You can make real money while playing various games.

The app consists of various formats of rummy games that you can enjoy like point rummy, deal rummy, pool rummy, 13-card rummy, etc.

Features of Playship

  • Audio Chat

The audio chat feature allows you to talk to your group while playing. You can enjoy playing while having common jokes & laughter, fun banters and teasing among your friends and families.

  • Create your chat group

You can create your chat group and invite your friend & family relatives using the group link over the app. You can organize a party or decide a time every weekend where you all will play together and enjoy.

  • Create your rummy game

The app allows its users to create their rummy games with the features and players of their choice. You can add your favorite character, make your time and limit of the game, and manage the chip distribution among your friends and family.

  • Safe & secured

The app is safe and certified by gaming authorities. There are no fake players and bot systems on the app. The card distribution is a random process that no one can predict will happen, so you can enjoy the game with your friends and family without worrying about cheating.

Benefits of playing rummy on playship

Customize rummy game

The playship app allows you to create your rummy game on your rules in various rummy formats. You can make the game more interesting & exciting with your rules for your friends and family.

Meet new people

It is a social app, so you get the chance to meet new people who love to enjoy rummy like you do and play with them in your spare time. You can organize a party and enjoy a fun time with all your friends on one platform.

Refer & earn

You can refer the app to your friends and earn referral rewards with every friend joining or using the app.

Learn and polish your rummy skills

You can play group games and learn rummy skills from each other strategies together and polish your rummy skills.

Earn real cash while playing

The app is easy to use, and you can earn real-time money when you win the game that you can easily withdraw whenever you want.

Final thoughts

Playship is the best option for playing rummy games with friends and families whenever you want from anywhere in India. The app is easy to use and has many features that will make your experience worth playing, so go & download the app, refer it to your peers and earn extra income while playing & enjoying yourself with your friends and families.

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