Most Recognized Skills that Work According to LinkedIn in 2019

Most Recognized Skills that Work According to LinkedIn in 2019. Are you seeking a job? Do you want your business to grow? Are you trying to make connections


Most Recognized Skills According To Linkedin In 2019: Are you seeking a job? Do you want your business to grow? Are you trying to make connections with top businesses? If yes, then you have probably heard about LinkedIn. Most of us working people are aware of LinkedIn and its whole range of services.

Most Recognized Skills According To Linkedin In 2019

LinkedIn is basically a professional network website and allows people from all over the work to find work opportunities for themselves. It has got some six hundred and forty million users in around 200 countries.

If you have got plenty of skills and are confident that employers are looking to hire job candidates like you, LinkedIn will be of much help to you..! Because it ranks and credits users who have the skills required by the potential employers.

What Skills Companies Want In Their Employees?

Things have changed in the recent times. Nowadays, employers are not really looking for the skills that they used to prefer in the older days. In this modern era everything has changed from work structure to the employers’ choices.

Skills are basically divided into two groups, Hard and Soft Skills. Can you differentiate between them? Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Hard Skills

  • Academic Skills (Degree, Certificates) :

If you don’t have the academic qualification demanded by the employer, then most probably you are not going to get the job. Because from simple computer-based work to highly-complicated writing a research proposal your academic skills will guide you through path.

  • Technical Knowledge:

Knowledge of computer and hardware will add more weightage to your CV, employers look for candidates with such valuable skills.

  • Understanding of software:

If you are a software geek, then your chances of getting the job are quite high. This is because in today’s modern world software and apps play a critically major part in the running of businesses.

  • Typing Skills:

Speed up on your writing..! If you take too much of time typing applications and business letters then you’d better improve your skills. Typing skills count a lot, and have been a sought-after skill since the typewriter’s days.

  • Machine Operations:

Good at fixing machines? Right. If you could also just fix any recurring issues with your office machines, in addition to your regular work, the employer would be more than willing to hire you.

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  • Being Multi-lingual:

Which languages do you know other than your mother tongue? If you are a multi-lingual employee the company will no doubt prefer you over others. Because an employee knowing more than one language can spread the firm’s message to many different peoples simultaneously.

  • Accounting Skills:

A little bit of know-how with the accounting rules is good. It could be counted as an additional skill. Preparing tax journals as an extra task, apart from your work, will please your employers more than enough.

Soft Skills

  • Self-discipline:

Discipline yourself..! If you don’t have control over yourself, don’t know how to give yourself a direction, have trouble stepping out of your comfort zone, etc. it clearly indicates that the control you have over yourself is very much out of your hands. Reclaim it, before you totally lose it..!


  • Communication Skills:

If you are good at communicating your ideas, expressing yourself, dealing with people, etc. the employer would be more than happy to hire you. Get yourself acquainted with communication skills, if you are looking a long, everlasting success in any field, particularly business.

  • Time Management:

Managing your time efficiently will inevitably help you throughout your life. If you know how to finish your work on time, what punctuality means, and how much importance time has in life, then nothing can stop you from reaching your potential.

  • Flexibility:

Don’t be so rigid with your beliefs and opinions. People who are flexible and open to new ideas will achieve much more success than the ones who have hard time listening to others and being inflexible to changes.

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  • Leadership Skills:

The employee who has got leadership skills will be ranked higher than the ones who lack it, for a simple reason that today businesses work in the form of groups and teams. Employees have to be confident, responsible, as well as exhibit leadership skills so that they can lead a group of junior employees.

  • Teamwork:

If you are not used to listening to others, or get irritated when someone presents you with a silly idea, then it is advised that you get used to it. Have an open mind, because only an open-minded person can work in teams, and put up with opinions and views that are different from his own.


  • Creativity:

Creativity counts a lot. Employers are not only looking for efficient, hard-working employees but also creative people, who can invent new ideas for the benefit of the business and devise new strategies to improve profits.

  • Imaginative Writing Skills:

Did you know that many top dissertation writing services websites state that employers also want their employees to be at writing? And sometimes these skills particularly count as a precondition to applying for a job in the marketing sector.

Enhance Your Job Skills and Increase Your Job Prospects

As you keep on working at improving your job skills your prospects will be becoming brighter and brighter. Many of us lack skills that are required by the modern employer, and also many simply don’t have the awareness that skill demands and job descriptions are changing just about every day.

Our skills get old and outdated if we don’t continue to sharpen them by taking on new challenges and learning something new. This is how life works, if you do not go with the sharp twists and turns of life that demand a new strategy every time, you will be left behind. So, get your skills updated and refreshed to achieve whatever you are after..!

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