PROPUR vs. BERKEY: Which Water Filter Brand Should You Opt For?

We humans always tend to choose the best for ourselves and strive to make the right decisions, invest time in worthwhile experiences, and spend money on fulfilling our demand.


We humans always tend to choose the best for ourselves and strive to make the right decisions, invest time in worthwhile experiences, and spend money on fulfilling our demand. Don’t you think we should be well informed before taking either of the actions mentioned earlier? 


To choose the best, we should know about the best options. In this case, it is a water filter. WHO, in its recent study, has predicted that by 2025, half of the population in the world would be residing in areas facing a water crisis. It has also been found that approximately 4 million cholera cases take place each year, which is known to be a water-borne disease. Hence, these figures are more than enough to realize how important the use of water filters is and why it should be chosen in the right way. Later, we will discuss the two famous water filter brands in the section, Propur vs. Berkey.

What Is A Water Filter?

A water filter is a machine that implements the mechanism of water filtration. The method of water filtration involves multiple stages. In the first stage, the undesirable or harmful substances are removed, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, algae, suspended particles. It also removes hazardous chemicals as well as biological contaminants. The next stages involve the removal of unwanted particles, which might not have been filtered in the previous stage. Eventually, the water produced is entirely safe and drinkable, without any contaminants. 

What Points Should Be Considered Before Buying A Water Filter?

As mentioned earlier, you should always be well aware of the things you buy. Be it an expensive SUV car or a standard water purifier, and it helps make a better choice. Below are the things which should be considered before selecting the best filter for you:

The Quality Of Water

The water quality is the utmost important thing which should be taken care of. Different areas have waters comprising different texture and features. In some regions, water consists of undesirable sediments, while other region’s water may carry invisible germs and viruses, which is fatal for you and your family. Water can also be hard and soft. In cases of hard water, RO suits the best. It has brilliant filtration technology to infiltrate the salt and metals present in the water, harming your health. 

Daily Requirement 

The daily requirement of drinking water varies from family to family, based on the number of members. You should know about the daily requirement of your family, knowing an average amount will also work. If the daily consumption is high, water filters with a greater output rate and high power should be chosen. To be more specific, roughly, the output of water in an hour should not be less than the family members.

Budget Check

You must know your budget for the water filter before going shopping. Once your budget is fixed, many unnecessary options will automatically be eliminated, which will make your choice easier. As a water filter is a long time investment, you should only buy a trusted and high-quality brand’s product.

Maintenance Cost

Any water filter requires servicing at regular intervals of time. So, it would help if you were cautious about its maintenance charges before buying a water filter. Maintenance of RO purifiers may cost up to 5,000 and needs maintenance every 3-4 months. Therefore, the maintenance charges are a crucial factor in deciding which filter to choose. 

Propur and Berkey are the two best-known water filters in the market. Both of them offer exceptional features to their customers. Though they have many similar features, the slight variations in their technology and systems will help you choose the one that suits you.

Let’s do a detailed analysis between the two – Propur vs. Berkey



Propur is a gravity filter that efficiently removes contaminants from streams and lakes.  It can remove more than 200 contaminants.

Berkey also uses gravity technology and removes 100% of pathogens from the water. The Berkey filter also has a fluoride reduction system.

Propur gives a tough competition to Berkey when it comes to performance. It can remove contaminants from water at the flow rate of 3 gallons of water per hour.

Berkey has an excellent performance quality with a fast rate of removing more than 200 contaminants. It filters water at the flow rate of approximately 3.5 gallons of water. The 2 Berkey elements increase the speed of water filtration and increase each filter’s lifespan by double.

The 5-inch Propun filter would likely last for 6 months, the 7 inches for 10, and the 9 inches for approximately 12 months.

It comes with a lifespan of 6,000 gallons of water before needing any replacement.

Propur too has a rating of 4.6, but it is based on only 168 reviews

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