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Retro Manchester United Shirts: If you are a fan of the Manchester United football team, you might be wondering about buying replica shirts for this team. If you have been a fan for a long time, though, you might feel that the shirts that really feel meaningful to you are the older styles or older numbers, rather than the current styles worn by the players in the contemporary line-up. Finding those vintage Manchester united shirts can seem like an intimidating prospect if you have never bought a classic football kit before, but it is actually easier than you might think to buy a retro Man Utd shirt for your collection. Let us take a look at the range of retro Manchester United shirts available and why you might want them!

What are Retro Manchester United Shirts?

There is no set definition of what counts as a “retro” Manchester United football shirt, but there are a few rough guidelines you can use to determine if what you are looking for counts as retro or not. As a rule, if a shirt is not part of the current line-up, it probably counts as a retro or vintage shirt. Players move between teams a lot, meaning that numbers change, and sponsorship deals can change the colors and designs of team shirts over time.

There are many different types of retro Manchester United football kit available online, from original retro football shirts to replica classic football shirts. Over the years, Manchester United have gone through many different styles of shirt, for both home kit and away kit, and you can buy any of these styles and any of the relevant numbers from the year in question with ease.

Retro Manchester United Shirts vs Current Manchester United Shirts

What is the difference between this season’s Manchester United football kit and classic man utd football shirts? Well, quite a lot, actually. Players change teams, so the line-up might be different and the numbers different, and the away shirt changes every season. If your favorite era of Man U is an older one, you might find that the style of football shirt you care about is radically different from the current design of the Manchester United football shirt. Whether you are looking to collect a full set of Man Utd numbers from one specific era, fill in a troublesome gap in your collection, or just grab one specific number and design combo that is particularly meaningful to you, there should be something to fit your needs out there. While there are some players who have stuck around for a long time, others have changed over time.

Retro Manchester United Football Shirt Styles

There are many different styles of retro Man Utd football kit available for you to add to your collection. From the classic red and white home strip in all its various styles to blue, white, or even stripped away shirts, training shirts, or even the hard to find staff training polo shirts, to the padded training jackets of years gone, there is something there for everyone. This goes for all of the big names and their numbers. Whether you are looking for a Ronaldo shirt, a Rooney shirt, a Vidic shirt, or any other iconic name, you can find authentic shirts or replicas at a range of different price points easily.

Where to buy Vintage Manchester United Shirts

The retro football shirts industry is a major area of business online, and Manchester United retro football shirts are no exception. There are many different eBay stores and dedicated websites offering vintage Manchester United shirts, and with a bit of searching, you should be able to find a great option, like the Classic Football Kit site. But be careful when you are looking for vintage Manchester united football shirts – there are unscrupulous dealers out there that sell poor quality replicas at inflated prices. Check the reviews of any site before you purchase, and ensure that you only buy from reputable sellers with a genuine love of football shirts, not cheap factories that are just in it to make some quick cash.


As a popular team, Manchester United is one of the easiest football teams to get a great range of classic football shirts for. No matter how specific the shirt you are looking for is, from unusual training shirt choices to really old designs to relatively short-lived player and number combinations, you should be able to find exactly the shirt you need!

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