Why Right Now Could Be The Best Time To Advertise On Facebook

Advertise On Facebook

As you may have read elsewhere recently, there’s a wide-scale boycott of Facebook happening among major businesses and advertisers. Some of the world’s highest-profile brands have temporarily or permanently stopped advertising on the social media platform because of what they see as a lack of action from Facebook when it comes to untruthful or hateful conduct from individuals and other entities. This is part of a storm that’s been raging around Facebook ever since the days of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and it doesn’t appear likely to go away any time soon.

If you run a business on the internet, we suspect that it’s likely you already engage in some degree of advertising on Facebook. Almost everybody does. One-fifth of all the advertising money that’s spent in the world is split between Facebook and Google, and in the modern age, it’s hard to imagine how you could run a successful business online without using the tools that Facebook offers to you.

You can target potential customers based on their location, their age, their political views, their interests, and multiple other factors. Nowhere else do you have so much freedom to pick and choose, and nor would any other advertising platform offer you access to a potential reach of more than two billion people. You could make a strong argument that you’ll get more customers out of a good Facebook marketing campaign than you could from a (far more expensive) televised marketing campaign.

Even with all of those positive points taken into account, you might be considering your own future relationship with the company based on the boycott. Perhaps you share the concerns of all the businesses who have hit the ‘pause’ button on their advertising spend.

Perhaps you, too, have concerns about the way that Facebook handles privacy issues, or who it might be selling data to. If that’s the case, and you feel like you can’t engage with Facebook at the moment on moral grounds, that’s your own call, and there’s nothing wrong with it. We’re not here to dissuade you from that view if that’s the conclusion you’ve reached. Even Disney is backing away from Facebook at the moment, and the boycott looks like it’s about to spill into the third month. Sooner or later, this is going to start hitting Facebook in the pocket – but if you can stomach dealing with the company, that’s also why this is the perfect time to line up a major campaign.

One of the most difficult truths that we’re forced to deal with in advertising is that we can’t compete with businesses that have a bigger budget than us. We can be innovative with our approach, and we can make our adverts memorable so they’re more likely to stick in the minds of the people who see them, but if one of your rival companies can pay so much money that their ads are seen ten times for every one time yours is seen, you’re still going to struggle to break through the noise. The world’s largest Facebook advertisers spend millions of dollars each month advertising on the platform. It’s not a level playing field (not that anything in business ever is), and if you’re a small-to-medium sized firm, you’ll always be at a disadvantage. That isn’t the case, though, if all of your biggest rivals are currently taking part in this boycott.

While Facebook isn’t desperate for advertising income (yet), they’ll currently be looking to make their deficit up from somewhere. If you’re offering reasonably large, regular payments, you’re likely to be a bigger priority for the company right now than you could have been three months ago. You might get more assistance from the company’s staff, or better rates on the adverts that you’re looking to place.

That isn’t the real bonus, though. The real bonus is the fact that your adverts will be running with far less opposition than you’d encounter under normal circumstances. If you work in the same sector as one of the companies that are currently boycotting Facebook, right now you have a chance to talk to their audience while they remain silent. You’ll be more visible on social media than you ever have been before – and that’s an opportunity.

It might not feel like the most ethical thing you’ve ever done, but opportunities like this don’t come around very often, and swallowing your morals to take advantage of it might be the best thing to do in the long run. All of these companies will almost certainly come back to Facebook eventually, and when they do, you’ll be drowned out by their noise again. If you make yourself very loud right now, you have a far better chance of being heard.

We won’t pretend that this is a magic ticket to millions of dollars in income, or a chance to change the success of your business overnight. We all know how marketing spends works. In terms of trial and error, it’s often little more predictable than spending money at an online slots website. There will be times when you play online slots for an hour and walk away with a big profit, but there will also be times when you play for an hour and walk away with empty pockets. Your approach didn’t change either time, but online slots are all about risk and reward, and so is marketing.

It’s always a game of odds as opposed to certainty, but right now, the odds might be more in your favour than they have been for a very long time. You have the chance to use a major marketing platform that several household names have stepped away from, and that means your company’s name might be seen in the places that the bigger companies once were. Doesn’t that sound enticing?

Please don’t construe this article as an endorsement of Facebook, because it isn’t. Here, we talk about marketing and opportunities, and this is all we’re focused on. The Facebook boycott has opened up a window of opportunity. All we’re suggesting is that it might be a good time to take a look through it.

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