Selenium – Web Based Testing Tool in Automation Testing

Web Based Testing Tool

Selenium an open source web-based testing tool was conceived. This article is about of Selenium, an introduction to selenium, how it works and workarounds for some Selenium automation Challenges.

Introduction to Selenium:-

Selenium is an open source practical mechanization instrument for the electronic application. It was created by the “Thought Work” in 2004. It is an exceptional apparatus for utilitarian programming testing.

There are two renditions of Selenium:

  1. Selenium 1.0
  2. Selenium 2.0

Why Selenium?

The following are a couple of motivations to utilize Selenium:

  • Cost successful: It is an open source apparatus.
  • Language: Supports numerous dialects like Java, Ruby, and Python and C #.
  • Browser: Supports various programs like IE, Mozilla, Opera, Chrome, and Safari so can be utilized for cross-program testing and can be incorporated effortlessly into the new propelled program.
  • Framework: Supports numerous casing – works like Junit, TestNG, Bromine, Nunit, Rspec which make the mechanization more hearty and can build up possess system.
  • Operating System: Supports numerous working frameworks like Windows, Apple, Linux, and Android.
  • Time-Saving: With the assistance of selenium framework, Parallel execution of the experiments should be possible.

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Selenium Implementation:

It has two variants, Selenium 1.0 and Selenium 2.0.Both the renditions have basic segments.

Selenium IDE:

It is the module to Firefox so can be downloaded effectively.Selenium ide is utilized for a record and playback usefulness, the default content is created in HTML and can play back in HTML organize just on Firefox. For a beginning, the Selenium IDE explore devices choice present in the menu bar of the Firefox and tap on Selenium IDE alternative. Of course, Selenium IDE is in the recording mode and begin exploring the application on Firefox program and play out the activity, every one of the activities is recorded and can be seen the parallel to Selenium IDE.

There are two tabs introduce on it, “Table” and “Source”.Under Source Tab HTML organization or code of the chronicle can be investigated and under “Table” tab, there are three sections :

  • Command: It demonstrates the activity going to perform like Click, enter and so on.
  • Target: It is or protests property where the activity will perform.
  • Value: Any information esteem appears here.

Selenium IDE is additionally used to get the question properties of the application. There are some different devices through which question properties can be recognized like Firebug, IE Developer apparatus, Fire discoverer and Chrome engineer device.

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In the wake of finishing the chronicle, the Test case can be traded into various dialect by exploring choice File>>Export Test case AS, Incomparable way, numerous experiments can be recorded and sent out as the Test suite.

The HTML code can likewise be changed over straightforwardly to the distinctive – diverse dialect without sending out the experiment, tap the choice Options>>Format and select the dialect in which need to change over the experiment.

Selenium RC Server:

It is jolt record which gives the usefulness to dispatch the selenium test contents on various – distinctive programs; it gets all charge from selenium customer and executes the contents.By default, the server keeps running at 4444.

For running the selenium contents, Selenium RC separate is going through the summon incite, explore the way where selenium RC server jostle document is available and run the charge “java – bump seleniumserver.jar ”

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Selenium Client Server:

Selenium customer is nothing simply the jug records or says dialect through which upgrade of the contents is done and sends the demand to selenium RC server. For running the contents, selenium RC is going through the order provoke.

Selenium Grid:

It is most imperative part of the selenium. With the assistance of this, parallel execution should be possible on various – distinctive stage with the various program. It spares the time and expands the extent of the testing and gives the quality programming item.

Selenium 2.0:

It is the refreshed rendition of Selenium 1.0, it is otherwise called the Selenium WebDriver. It is totally in view of the question arranged API so expected to be more vigorous and can bolster in better route for the electronic testing. , Selenium IDE and Selenium Grid are working in a comparative path as actualized in selenium 1.0 however there is no compelling reason to run the selenium server for running the contents. Selenium server is required when needed to perform parallel execution through selenium automation network or need to associate the remote machine.

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WebDriver API makes the immediate call to dispatch the program utilizing program’s local call. For each program, program’s driver is available.

  • Internet Explorer: WebDriver driver = new InternetExplorerDriver();
  • Firefox: FirefoxProfile profile = new FirefoxProfile();
  • Chrome : WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver();
  • Opera : WebDriver driver = new OperaDriver();

Selenium WebDriver API likewise bolsters the Android and IOS working framework; it has isolate API to associate with it.

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