What is Selenium and why it is used

Web Based Testing Tool

Selenium is an open source testing instrument that enables clients to test web applications crosswise over various programs and stages. Selenium incorporates a suite of programming that designers can use to mechanize web applications including IDE, RC, WebDriver, and Selenium matrix.

What is Selenium Testing?

It outfits a record playback device for composing tests without procurement a test scripting dialect. It and also gives a test zone particular dialect to compose trials in various enormous programming dialects, conceding Java, C#, PHP, Perl, Ruby, and Python.

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Why is Selenium testing utilized?

The present is exceptionally prominent for testing, it is likely the best option for computerized testing of Web sites. It is winding up increasingly mainstream and it is the principal determinant of mechanization analyzers and in addition frameworks for computerizing the trial of Web-based applications for a portion of the GUI and common sense.  We at situate have been taking a shot at Selenium for automatizing the testing of Web locales making by utilizing AJAX for the pharmaceutics and travel businesses.

Selenium test bundle:

It is a bundle of a few test components which comprises of the few noteworthy three devices. Everyone has a specific part in helping the improvement of test computerization for a Web application.

  1. Selenium IDE – This in certainty add-on trademark for Mozilla Firefox. This when all is said in done utilized for playback, record, investigating or alter of selenium play scripts. It is, for the most part, utilized now for bug multiplication contents, exploratory testing, finding out about Selenese orders and sending out straightforward experiments to WebDriver. Selenium Builder is additionally a Firefox expansion that can import HTML documents recorded in Selenium IDE to run tests locally or on a Selenium server and further help robotization.
  2. Selenium RC – This is rather known as “Selenium Remote Control” and is connected to run tests over a few frameworks or programs. It was a strategy used to run the test content in various programs by propelling them as an intermediary server, however, has since been deserted since the formation of WebDriver. It is the thing that you would use in testing today, as RC is never again bolstered.

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This is on account of WebDriver doesn’t depend on JavaScript for robotization like RC does, and rather, specifically speaks with the program from the working framework making it quicker and more precise. WebDriver additionally bolsters a bigger number of programs and working conditions than RC including the HtmlUnit program and has a briefer API.

It is well known among engineers and QA groups for relapses tests and cross-program testing since it enables you to test on a range of programs and working frameworks utilizing the local working framework usefulness. This implies orders execute as a human would on the off chance that they were utilizing a similar program.

  1. Selenium Grid-It is capable of running different examples of Selenium RC in the meantime time frame. It facilitates circulation of tests all through various programs and machines with the goal that parallel execution of the tests can be transported out.

It enables you to numerous run tests in the meantime on various machines and programs with a specific end goal to accelerate testing. For CI movements, testing requests to be done at a quick pace, and running tests consecutively can be agonizingly moderate. Running in parallel on a network can enhance the speed of your testing enormously. It is contained one machine called a center and numerous hubs for execution. The more hubs you have, the more tests you can run at the same time.

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Following reasons why selenium is utilized:

  1. Fetching the others robotization instruments into condition, It has the ability to work on about each OS.
  2. It is an open source testing device and along these lines, it serves for cost-adequate computerization testing.
  3. One exceedingly great component of Selenium is that the semantic correspondence utilized for building the arrangement is free of the dialect that the web application program or site is applying
  4. This apparatus underpins an extent of programs like Opera, Chrome, Safari, and IE 6, 7, 8 and Mozilla Firefox.
  5. It has a genuine dynamic software engineer group that is bolstered by Google.
  6. So far as Selenium alludes, we have various rich techniques for an area of parts, for example, DOM, CSS, et cetera.
  7. With the utilization of this apparatus, it is potential to execute simultaneous tests use different programs on many machines. This is kills chopped down the clasp for test execution when a major undertaking is in headway.

Benefits of Using Selenium Testing:


  • Open Source implies alluding programming for which the ace duplicate source code is made openly useable and might be spread and adjusted.
  • Supports all programs like Firefox, IE, Safari, and Mozilla.
  • Tolerates every single Operating System.
  • Apply above all programming dialects Java, Python, and Ruby#.
  • Run one or more tests at any given moment.

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