How to Ship a Car You Just Bought


If you’re in the market for a new set of wheels, there are numerous car dealers throughout the country with awesome deals. However, when it comes time to take possession of your new purchase, just how do you actually go about the shipping process? There are various companies that offer to help, but you need to beware of their services. Some of them are simply out to make a quick buck and will not guarantee the safety or proper treatment of your vehicle. So before you entrust your vehicle to one of these car shipping services, you should visit their website and do some research on what they do, or else you may end up with a lump of metal that was a once-fine automobile. This article will give you 4 simple steps on how to ship your new car.

Pick An Auto Transport Company Yourself.

First and foremost, you should look into a provider of your own accord. Don’t just fall for the first company that offers to help you ship your car, because there are numerous providers out there with varying degrees of quality. You will want to find one that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has a clean reputation for delivering vehicles to customers in good condition. So before you trust the first company that offers to do the job, make sure you check them out first.

You should also compare different companies to see which one has the best rates and the least complaints from previous customers. Look for a shipping company that is insured because you should never ship your car without insurance cover against potential damage or loss of your vehicle.

Pick A Shipment Method

Once you have chosen a company, you can then decide if you want to ship your car in a container or a truck. Container shipping is probably the most expensive option, but you will want to make sure that your vehicle is moved very carefully through air freight and that the containers are secure and fully sealed. With containers, you should find out just how many cars will be placed in the container, because if yours is the only one, you will want to make sure that it is heavily packed and protected.

If you choose a truck shipment, your vehicle will be placed along with a number of others in a large trailer. This way is the least expensive and most popular car shipping method. However, your car will be vulnerable to damage from other cars and exposure to the elements. Therefore, be sure the company is insured and will provide the best service possible to your vehicle.

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Coordinate With The Seller Or Dealership

Once you have decided on a shipping method and a provider, the next thing you will want to do is coordinate with the seller. Many times, when a customer purchases a car from off of the lot, they don’t get any type of service to help them ship it. It’s best that you let the seller know ahead of time about your plans of shipping your car. This way, he or she can help you coordinate a seamless shipping process. If you choose to let the dealer handle your shipping, ask to be sure that the company they use is reliable and has a proven record of success.

Check Your Bill Of Lading For Your Vehicle

Your bill of lading contains all of the information needed to get your automobile from point A to point B safely and securely every time. It contains the identity of your car, the date on which it was delivered, how much weight it will be carrying, and its current condition.

So before you ship, you will want to make sure all of the information is correct on the bill of lading. If you are shipping from a dealer, make sure they give you your original bill of lading. You should never send this with your car, or else it could cause major delays and issues with your transportation. Always keep a copy of all of your information as proof that everything about your car is correct on the bill of lading.

Shipping any vehicle is a tricky process, but it can be done with adequate preparation and research. If you do your homework, then you should have no problem shipping your car safely and securely. When you ship your car, try to pick the most reliable, insured company that will go above and beyond all of your expectations to ensure that everything about your transportation goes smoothly.

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