Top 10 Birthday Gifting Ideas

Top 10 birthday gifting ideas: Usually, we remember the birthdays of our special friend, colleague, or any of our loved ones all year.


Top 10 birthday gifting ideas: Usually, we remember the birthdays of our special friend, colleague, or any of our loved ones all year. But when the birthday comes, we get confused with the gifts for them. To save you from this type of confusion, we have identified some of the best birthday gift ideas. 

Top 10 Birthday Gifting Ideas

So let’s start

1. Fresh flowers

so this is the most simple and perfect form of expressing feelings to anyone on their birthday. In the morning, as they get up, surprise them with a fresh flower bouquet. If you are far away, then you can send flowers to Delhi or any other part of India by using any of the online websites.

Top 10 birthday gifting ideas

The best part is that you can surprise your loved one with midnight flower delivery or early morning delivery, so if you want to wish the birthday with a bouquet, you can order flowers online.

2. Photo Cakes

Nowadays, there is a trend for photo cakes. You can get the photo of a person on the cake and bring that in front of them in a surprising way, and wait for their response.

Top 10 birthday gifting ideas

Usually, you can order this type of cake in any bakery or cake delivery in Bangalore online, and the fresh cake will be at your doorstep.

3. Chains and key chain

Chains and key chain

Nowadays, there are customized key chains, on which you can ask the seller to write something of your choice. You can also choose from the wide range of designer key chains and chains.

4. Teddy Bear filled with chocolates

You can buy a teddy and fill it full of chocolates, chocolates of different kinds and then give it to them. 

Teddy Bear filled with chocolates

Now ask a puzzle relatedly that, they come to that there is something inside the teddy bear. Ask them to open it. In place of chocolates also you can add something to your liking.

5.  Portrait

Portrait means engraving of a person. This means you can make a portrait of them or can go to the professional, pay them the amount, and they will make the portrait of your birthday buddy. Now put in a photo frame and gift to them. First, tell them that you have drawn the picture and then tell them the truth.

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 6. 3D Pillow

This is one of the creative, new, and unique ideas these days. Gift them a 3d pillow of the heart shape, and when they touch it from top to bottom, it will change to a photograph of them. It is quite tough to get it in a local market. You can order it online.

7. Travelling Tickets

You can also gift a ticket to the birthday buddy, to their favorite places or can also book a restaurant for lunch or dinner.

Top 10 birthday gifting ideas

8. Message Box

In this type of gift, you can put all your emotions on some of the plane papers and pack the box back. Then ask them to unwrap it, make sure that you had written everything entirely, with perfect photographs, and some of the best quotes.

9. Hand Made Jewellery Box

For girls, this can be said as an evergreen gift ever. 

Hand Made Jewellery Box

They have lots of jewelry, and makeup and they need a beautiful box to carry them. You can make a beautiful jewelry box for them this birthday. Do let them know that you have made it by yourself.

10. Perfume Bottle

 You can make a birthday boy or girl happy by gifting designer perfume. Many of the online sites provide it, so go and check out the best one and place the order. They will bring it to you at your doorstep. 

Perfume BottleYou can visit local malls to buy a perfume bottle. You can also add some flowers with this, and it will look amazing. You can get a combo of the perfume bottle and birthday flowers.  You can also add greeting cards, chocolates, candies, and make it a beautiful gift hamper. This will make your loved one so happy on their birthday.

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These are some of the gift ideas you can gift to your loved ones on their next birthday. Also, you can give pairs of t-shirt, lipstick (choose the color wisely), wall hanging photo frames, shoes, or handmade gift items.

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