Top 3 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Watch Out In 2020

Top Social Media Marketing Strategies 2020: Social Media is and will be one of the versatile aspects to boost your brand identity to the next level. It has

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Top Social Media Marketing Strategies 2020: Social Media is and will be one of the versatile aspects to boost your brand identity to the next level. It has drastically revolutionized the way we buy, sell, interact and coordinate with multinational brands, people, products and services.

Top 3 Social Media Marketing Strategies 2020

Social media marketing is an industry that is not slowing down for growth or opportunities. Albeit, social media marketing is always transforming the way people think about change. In this article, we will see what we can expect in 2020.

1. Drive more value with Social Media Contests

For past decades, it has been proven that running social media marketing contests has been one of the most versatile ways to attract new target audiences. The foremost strategy behind the social media contests was to gain an enormous amount of followers quickly on any social network then contest time frame.

Social Media marketing

Social Media Marketing Strategy

In 2020, the approachability of accessing brands about interacting with their target audiences has drastically changed to the next level. Social Media Marketing professionals are using such strategies to focus on user engagement and connecting with social media users. Some of the important social media benefits include:

  • Transforming current fan-followers into a community.
  • Influencing new followers.
  • Improving brand awareness.
  • Receiving target audience feedback.

2. Increased focus on video content

Seemingly, you’re already aware of the emerging popularity of the video content. It began with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu and has fascinating improved features like TikTok and IGTV. In this era of visualization, the emerging trends of video content have revolutionized the Internet by storm and swept social media marketing concepts with it.

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In 2020, we’ll witness an enormous amount of digital marketers to influence this as a leading social media marketing strategy. Thus, social media networks provide some of the versatile features related to video sharing. Hence, the trend of video content on social media is increasingly becoming one of the impactful marketing trends that direct users to get engage with online trends.

3. The Notion of AR in Social Media

Seamlessly, Augmented Reality (AR) is considered as one of the versatile technology that has revolutionized the social media industry using a smartphone camera and projected computer-driven augmentations that are meant to enhance the target audience engagement trends to the next level.

ar in social media

Snapchat is flourishing the plethora of AR-enabled technologies in the form of social media, the brand can build augmentations featured on snapshots that appear in the form of filters where elements are implemented to a users smartphone camera.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy 2020: This has transited into quite a popular marketing campaign strategy for major brands. As we lead towards 2020, we expect to see how other social media platforms are using AR on their personal networks.

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