The Ultimate Packing List For Your Next Business Trip


Successful business people know that there is no such thing as a “business trip” without a successful packing list. Whether you’re going to Paris for the weekend or New York City on business, it’s essential to have all of your bases covered to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

Business Trip Packing List

This article covers everything you need to carry in your Backpack, AW from clothing essentials to electronics items.

Let’s take a closer look at these essential items.

1. Business Cards

You should always carry more than enough business cards for every meeting that could happen while traveling and leave them with people who will be attending, such as hotel staff, restaurant managers, airport employees, etc., just in case something happens to yours.

Carry them around everywhere – not only are they attractive items that easily catch someone’s attention, but they also act as valuable tools if you need help quickly from local authorities or assistance of any kind.

2. Laptop Bag For Men

No business trip is complete without your laptop. The rule of thumb is never to leave home with your laptop. Buy an ultra-thin/lightweight laptop bag for men because you need to carry this on the plane. A 17 inch MacBook Pro or Dell XPS 15 will be too big for most carry-ons so stay away from these unless you are traveling in first class and can gate check them at the airport before boarding your flight (tip: do not get stuck carrying all over luggage through the terminal).

A laptop bag for men should be challenging and look professional. It should have a padded sleeve to protect your device from bumps, drops, and bangs while traveling. Look for one with some organizational pockets or compartments where you can store other things like the charger cord, mouse (if applicable), backup battery pack/power bank, SD cards, USB drives, etc., in case they get lost during travel too.

3. A Phone Cord And Extra Battery

Most people don’t think about bringing a phone cord and battery pack on a business trip, but it’s beneficial for charging your phone in the hotel room and conference calls. And it’s always good to have a spare battery pack in case your phone dies, and you don’t have a charger with you.

Mophie makes great phone chargers, which are also perfect for traveling since they’re so small they can be easily thrown into your bag. Plus, many of them come in different colors to match your style.

4. Necessary Clothing

Bring enough clothing to last for the number of days you will be on your trip. This should include a wide range of different types and colors and dress clothes if necessary. A jacket for men is always great and can help keep you warm outside or in airports when it’s cold out. Bring one that has zip pockets so you can carry your passport with you at all times without being worried about losing it while traveling.

Every man should have at least one nice suit and two or three pairs of suits for everyday wear. A shirt to go with it would be advisable, but this can vary from person to person. Not to forget a couple of comfortable and well-fitted pants and jeans to wear on formal and informal occasions during the trip.

5. A Pre-Made Name Badge

If you want to save money and time, then buy a name badge ahead of your trip. You can attach it to the outside of your bag when you get there so that people know who you are and which booth you’re working at.

6. Breath Mints

This is one of those items that you can’t afford to forget. It’s also something that most people don’t bother with and regret later on their trip. You’ll be glad you packed these when you’re sitting next to a smelly guy on the plane or in an overcrowded conference room, too.

7. A Pencil And Pad

It can be stressful when trying to remember what items your boss asked you to bring on a business trip. A pencil and pad are some of the most important things that should be in anyone’s carry-on bag. It doesn’t matter if they work with numbers or words; writing down tasks helps them stay organized even while away from their desk.

There will also likely be times where it makes sense for an employee to keep track of expenses during a business trip, but this isn’t always something that needs to happen every time someone leaves town for company-related reasons.

8. Two Pairs Of Shoes

Shoes are an essential item to bring with you on a business trip. You don’t want to wear the same shoes every day, so pack at least two pairs of shoes that will go well with different outfits.

9. A USB Flash Drive

Some people might not realize this, but you could need a flash drive for many different things. You may want to use it as an emergency backup of your work or save some files that don’t fit on the laptop. The USB key is also essential if you’re using an app like Dropbox because sometimes these services are blocked at hotels and conference centers. If you have any sensitive information with you, make sure to back up all those files if something happens.

10. A Wireless Card

A wireless card is an essential item for any business traveler to pack. That way, you can have a WiFi connection available anywhere globally that has a wireless network. The newest versions of these cards are small, affordable, and easy to use – you can also purchase them in bulk (like 50 or 100) at a time for an even more cost-effective option.

The Bottom Line

The best way to make your next business trip go as smoothly and efficiently as possible is by packing the right items for you. If there’s a place in particular that you’re going to, check out their local customs or ask a friend who has been before what they recommend taking with you. This will help keep you from being underprepared and allow you to pack fewer things while still making sure everything necessary for your trip is available.

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