Where Weddings Meet Technology – 5 Practical Ways of Throwing a Tech-Enhanced Reception


Technology becomes an integral part of most activities people participate in. From business management and accounting to cooking and fitness, tech solutions are here to make our lives easier.

5 Practical Ways of Throwing a Tech-Enhanced Reception

The wedding industry is witnessing that bridal couples are eager to use tech tools at their wedding reception. In the next few paragraphs, you can read more about the original ways to use technology at your wedding sessions.

Electronic forms for lower expenses

While many bridal couples still opt for printed wedding invitation cards, there’s another option at your disposal. Sending out electronic invitations to your wedding guests is less expensive and it leaves a smaller carbon footprint.

If you’re an ecologically aware couple, skipping paper invitations is the right thing to do.

When it comes to their electronic counterparts, you can create a simple card in word or use one of the online tools for making invitation cards. Some of the online templates are free while others need to be paid. Pay attention to these details to make sure that you don’t pay your e-templates more than you would pay printed invitation cards.

Once you’ve finished them, send a group email to all your wedding invitees. Don’t forget to add an RSVP button to this invitation email.

Selfie sticks for spontaneous photos

Spontaneous photos taken by guests at wedding receptions have become a popular thing thanks to social media.

If you want your invitees to upload pictures from your wedding in real time, install a dozen of selfie sticks around the reception venue. This will allow your guests to become amateur photographers during the entire wedding party.

Selfie sticks for spontaneous photos

You can even come up with a hashtag for your reception and include it in the online invitation card. That way, you’ll have all these crazy wedding photos in one place on Instagram or Facebook. In addition to the official wedding photo album, you’ll be able to create another one, with these alternative photos.

When ordering selfie sticks, buy them as a bulk instead of getting one by one. This will keep a few cents more in your pocket.

Interactive first dance

In addition to the moment when the bride and the groom say “I do”, the first dance is usually the most formal part of every wedding reception.

You can loosen the reins during your first dance with the use of technology. On the one hand, you can invite your guests to record it with their smartphones and immediately upload it to social media using the hashtag from the first paragraph. That way, everybody will be able to see the video clips of your first dance at once.


On the other hand, you can have various photos projected over the dance floor as you’re dancing. Those can be photos from different periods of time that are important for you as a couple. Also, the photos taken at the wedding reception until that moment can be projected onto the dance floor, as well. There are wedding service providers who offer these services.

Wedding live streaming

At every wedding reception, some invitees are not able to come to the party. Some cousins might be pregnant while others live too far away. In many cases, grandparents and older relatives can’t travel due to their age.

For all these people, organizing live streaming of your wedding would be a great thing to do.

This can be in two different ways.

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On the one hand, you can do the whole thing all by yourself. There are fee online streaming tools that you can register to and use them to put your wedding reception on the air. Of course, this endeavour needs to be done in cooperation with the person who is going to shoot the wedding video. Bridal couples who decide to do it alone needs to test if live streaming is working before the wedding days.

If you have a bit higher budget, you can rent one or more robots with pre-installed cameras on them to shoot the reception. On the other hand, you can just hire local production professionals to organize the entire thing for you.

Drones for breath-taking angles

If there’s one wedding craze that has taken the entire world by storm, it’s definitely the use of drones for wedding videos. This option will give you a completely new perspective of your wedding reception and the venue you opt for.


For starters, many restaurants, hotels, and ranches that organize weddings use drone videos and photos to promote their venue. So, when you’re choosing your venue, drone videos will be helpful.

Moreover, you can use drone videos of the venue yard during the wedding preparations to organize the layout of the decorations and the table. Finally, you can hire a drone operator to shoot your wedding ceremony and reception from above.

Some wedding places, like the Houston wedding venue on a secluded private ranch, stress out the natural advantages of their location with drone images and photos in mind.

When you’re choosing the venue, ask the managers of the candidate venues that make it to the final round if they have any videos of the place shot by the drone. These views can help you bring the final verdict.


Technology can help you cut a few corners in the wedding organization and elevate your reception to a different level.

In line with that, sending out electronic invitation cards to shooting your wedding with a drone will mean that you’re approaching your wedding from a different angle. Also, if you live to stream the reception, you’ll give a chance to your relatives far away to be with you on that day.

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Finally, encourage people to make their own photos and post them online. That way, you’ll have a gallery of casual photos to complement the official wedding album. All these tech-enhanced features will make your wedding look more original but also less complicated to organize.

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