Why Should Home-Owners Invest in a Solar Inverter?

The solar energy that is radiated from the sun is regarded as the cleanest and purest form of renewable energy source found in abundance.


The solar energy that is radiated from the sun is regarded as the cleanest and purest form of renewable energy source found in abundance. Solar energy can be harnessed with different solar technologies available to generate electricity that can be used for domestic, industrial, and commercial purposes. The most common way of utilizing solar energy is by using smart solutions like solar panel systems. These systems capture sunlight and convert it into power with the help of solar cells.

Though solar panels are an essential part of a solar system, they are not the only component required to generate electricity. For an individual to properly utilize the solar power generated by panels, the produced energy needs to go through a solar inverter. A solar inverter is one of the vital components of a solar power system; it acts as the solar system’s brain. You can check reliable brands like Luminous that offer the best solar inverter price online to suit your budget. They can either be bought along with the solar panels or separately.Solar Inverter luminous (Image Source- Luminous)

What is a Solar Inverter?

A solar inverter converts direct current electricity produced by solar panels into alternate current electricity. It is essential because regular household appliances need Alternating Current (AC) electricity to run. What differentiates alternating current from direct current is its flow of electric charges.

  • Alternating Current- In alternating current, the flow of electric charges changes its directions periodically.
  • Direct Current- In direct current, the flow of electric charges does not change periodically.

So practically, without the solar Inverter, you cannot use the solar power transformed by the solar PV panels.

Following are the reasons that will tell you why home-owners should invest in a solar system with an inverter:

1. Helps in Minimizing the Greenhouse Impact

Greenhouse gases have a far-ranging effect on the environment as well as our health. It is one of the leading factors responsible for climate change and contributes to respiratory diseases resulting from smog and pollution. A solar system with a solar inverter in place will produce clean power to run household appliances and retain ecological balance, thereby decreasing the greenhouse effect and abnormal weather change.

2. Offers Easy Maintenance

With regular maintenance, solar inverters function correctly and efficiently for many years. They are extremely easy to maintain; the only thing you need to be careful about is water contact.

How Much do Solar Inverters Cost?

Solar inverter price is one of the important factors to consider, which will help you decide which solar inverter to buy. Popular brands like Luminous are market leaders who offer a comprehensive range of solar inverters. The Luminous solar inverter price ranges between INR 6- INR 12 per watt.

Solar energy is for everyone, irrespective of the power situation in your area. There are reliable brands such as Luminous that provide an extensive range of solar inverters for all your requirements. Their products, such as the range of Solar NXG systems that come with a solar inverter, take up just about 100 square feet and can be built easily to power your home. These devices will help you save about 30 percent on your energy bills, along with the most affordable solar inverter price. Not only this but with their Intelligent Solar Optimization Strategy, they also deliver power savings of up to 3 units per day.

So, experience a sustainable way of living today and opt for a solar panel system with a solar inverter in place!

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