Is 2GB RAM Enough For Minecraft Server?

A Minecraft server is an individual or business-owned multiplayer game server which was created for the Mojang video game.


If you plan on getting a Minecraft server soon, you need to make sure the server you opt for can run the program smoothly and can accommodate the number of Mods and Plugins you have. Although the recommended RAM size is 1GB, if you are looking to add a lot of plugging and have many people playing, you will surely need more space. Generally, the recommended RAM size per player is 100MB. Therefore; if you have a 1GB RAM size server, the maximum number of players to host mustn’t exceed 10 players. So the number of players you plan on hosting will determine the size of RAM to get.

To answer the questions of whether 2GB RAM will be enough to host a Minecraft game, the simple answer is YES!

What Is A Minecraft Server?

A Minecraft server is an individual or business-owned multiplayer game server which was created for the Mojang video game. Multiplayer servers allow a wide range of activities. As such, some have their unique rules, premises, and customs. Many servers are also equipped with custom plugins that allow gamers to perform actions that normal gamers can’t. If you are not sure of which type of Minecraft server to go for, you can talk to popular hosting providers like ServerMania.

Advantages of Having Your Own Personal Minecraft Server

Servers play a very important role in digital gaming, especially when we are talking about online gaming. Serves make it possible for people across different continents to compete with each other remotely.

If you are still not sure whether you need a server of your own, here are some of the advantages of owning a server for you to consider.

Minecraft Server

You Can Choose To Expand Your Community

As your Minecraft world grows you are likely to make new friends and fans. You will also have a lot of anonymous people wanting to participate in your adventures. Aside from focusing on building just your community, you can also help pre-existing communities grow.

Although there is nothing wrong with maintaining a small server just for you and your close friends. However, if you’re aiming for a bigger community, you will surely need a bigger RAM. One trick to get more people involved in your community is by sharing video footage of your games online to gain more friends. Once your community gets big enough, it will surely start to get covered by news outlets.

You Create Game Rules By Yourself

Another advantage associated with owning a Minecraft server is that it allows you to create your own rules. Owning a personal Minecraft server allows you to be the sole administrator of your games. You get to decide if you want other players to share in your creation or not. More also, you can check various in-game administration commands online to get an idea of how best to run your server.

You Can Install Any Kind Of Mods You Want

When running a Minecraft server by yourself, you can decide to install any mod of your choice. In addition to this, you can set up an environment where you can run tests. Mods are very important when it comes to running and configuring a personal server. Although they can alter the appearance of your gameplay elements, still, they provide you with a better administration interface. These mods allow your game server to run with new features not originally implemented and programmed for the game.

Server Administration For Kids

The use of the Minecraft server has no age limit. As long as you know your way around a computer system and know how to play the game, you are welcome to host your own Minecraft server. Apart from the fun aspect, it’s also a legitimate gateway with which one can teach kids how to be a server administrator. The game teaches children basic Linux administration, server setup, and commands required to design a Minecraft server. Also, with a virtual server running, parents can easily monitor their wards and ensure they’re only playing in a safe multiplayer environment.

With the numerous benefits of owning Minecraft servers listed above, it is clear that you need to get one if you want to enjoy the game and explore every possible feature available. To get started, you can talk to experts.

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