Important Tips to Prepare for Child Development and Pedagogy in CTET


Working as a teacher at the school is the most respectable position. One has to be eligible enough to take up this job and work towards the betterment of students. However, to be successful in this position, one has to carry all the skills and start the journey by undergoing the entrance test. The CTET entrance exam undertaken by the education board is to test the ability of the individual. Once you get the hook of this exam and understand how demanding the job of the teacher is, you can get through it. To appear for the entrance exam, you need to get the CTET admit card from the official website.

Aspirants after getting the CTET result can apply for the job in the government school that offers good payout and other benefits. During the preparation for the CTET, you will come across important sections, and one such is Child Development and Pedagogy. This section is essential to practice and appears in paper 1 and paper 2 for 30 questions each.

Before we learn about tips to prepare, let us check how questions are distributed.

In the primary stage there are 15 questions containing the ideologies of educational thinkers. Then there are 5 questions assessing a teacher’s ability to cater the needs of special children and create an inclusive classroom. In the learning and pedagogy, there are 10 questions focusing on pedagogy of child behaviour.

Some of the important topics covered in the CTET test are

· Theories of Intelligence

· Theories of Child Development

· Learning Theories

· Assessment & Evaluation

Once you have the basic knowledge about the CTET syllabus and the child development & pedagogy, you can go ahead and prepare for the same.

Now let us check some of the tips to prepare for the CTET:

· Attempt for a Mock Test:

One of the best ways to learn and practice for the CTET syllabus is to take up the mock tests. There are online CTET mock tests available which you can undertake and practice. One of the reasons to take up this mock test is it helps in gaining confidence to appear for the exam and improve accuracy in the exam.

· Keep practicing previous year questions:

The more revision you do the better you will score in the exam. There are question papers for the CTET exam available online. Keep practising regularly so you can get to know your weakness and strength in a specific section. However, you also need to keep a check on the latest syllabus of the same.

· Good Understanding of topics

When you are preparing for this section of CTET, you need to understand the topic well. Think about the principle towards the topic and prepare accordingly. Solving previous year papers will work best to prepare well.

· Attempting all Questions

One of the best things about the CTET exam is there is no negative marking, so in case you end up attempting wrong answers you won’t get negative marks. Use the elimination method for selecting the suitable option for a tricky question. By attempting all questions, you will be confident enough to score high.

· Seek Assistance from Books

There special books in the market published for such CTET preparation helping to practice. Check for the top author book having published on child development and pedagogy having complete information on this theme. These books will help you throughout the preparation and gain confidence during the exam.

There are thousands of aspirants who look forward to appearing for the exam and to get this promising post. But only few who are lucky enough to get through this. You need to follow the above mentioned process so you can confidently take up the exam.

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