3 Most Popular Designs For Your Coffee Cups

Coffee mugs spectacularly designed have a liking from many quarters of the coffee lovers worldwide, not just here in the United States.


Coffee mugs spectacularly designed have a liking from many quarters of the coffee lovers worldwide, not just here in the United States. Customized-designed coffee mugs are a perfect gift to those whom you love, and it’s even better when these customization designs are handcrafted. Coffee mugs can get designed to fit various occasions and purposes, most notably being hostess gifts, mother’s day, etcetera.

Popular Designs For Your Coffee Cups

There is popularity in designing coffee mugs as they are pretty cheap and straightforward to decorate. Any layman without much knowledge in designing can teach themselves and come up with a perfect design. There are various design options one can use and adopt when it comes to designing their coffee mugs. Below are the three common and most popular designs for your coffee mugs.

1. Mustache design coffee mugs

There is a growing craziness that has hit the entire mug industry with super tidal waves as the mustache coffee mug designs to many mug lovers. If you happen to visit culinary shops, you will notice various mustache designs cropping up in every available mug. Different mustache designs go with multiple color mugs. It is possible to redesign the mustache, either white with a black coffee mug background. Consequently, you can have a thick mustache as your preferred design or a thin design depending on various tastes and preferences in multiple individuals.

With mustache design, you can do it yourself, in what is commonly known as DIY. There are purposely available markers that get used for this purpose. With a mustache design, one gets accorded an opportunity to exercise their creativity and install a sense of personalization while designing your mustache.

The mustache design usually takes approximately four hours to dry completely upon baking. There get recommended temperatures that one should set their oven to dry their mustache coffee mugs design. Roughly an average of 375 F for an average time of 40 minutes before letting the designed cup cool. Down.

Upon cooling, the marks made on the mug are permanent, and you can now wash it with water without removing or destroying the mustache design. The design is such permanent that even a dishwasher cannot remove the mustache design.

2. Glitter coffee mug design

Glitter coffee mugs are yet another standard design with coffee mugs, and also this design falls under the Do It Yourself design. This design is safe with a dishwasher mod podge, and this translates that you can wash your mug with water, and your glitter design won’t come out whatsoever.

To do it yourself for a coffee mug glitter design, one will need the following items to come up with a magnificent glitter design successfully. The first item you need is a mug, rubbing alcohol, paintbrush, fine grain glitter, and finally, the Dishwasher safe mod podge.

For one to develop this design, the first step is rubbing your coffee mug and rubbing it rubbing alcohol. The next step is mixing the glitters grains evenly with the mod podge. You can coat your coffee mug with the dishwasher safe mode podge. There is yet another option where you can sprinkle the glitter grains over the top of the mug, and you produce excellent designs.

The glittering coffee mugs are suitable primarily for two reasons. One reason is that coffee mugs coated with glittering designs look relatively better and appealing than some chunky kinds of stuff. Secondly, a glittering coffee mug feels quite enjoyable, especially when having a morning coffee.

Unlike other designs that you cannot redo or retouch design for your mug, with a glittering design, you can add extra glitters by just remodeling bits of mod podge mixed with glittering grains.

3. Favorite quote coffee mug designs

Another common yet popular coffee mug design is the use of favorite quotes inscribed in the coffee mugs. There are various methods to accomplish this task and deliver the message to the right person. One process of achieving this is using decorative printed coffee cups, or the other option is the use of the Cursive method. The use of porcelain-friendly pens that get widely used in Do It Yourself or the DIY process of designing favorite quotes on coffee mugs is another famous method. The paper markers are also another standard tool used for inscribing favorite quotes on coffee mugs.

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