5 Certified Payroll Software for Your Manufacturing Business

Paying your employees on time makes them happy. But it isn't very easy for you with the manual calculation. Not anymore with the certified payroll software.


Paying your employees on time makes them happy. But it isn’t very easy for you with the manual calculation. Not anymore with the certified payroll software.

As making full payment is non-negotiable, you needn’t afford to make mistakes that disturb your employee morale.

Certified Payroll Software

Whether it is free or paid, many stellar options are waiting out for you. Here, we put forth the five best opportunities for your manufacturing business.

  • QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a blessing, especially for small businesses. If you already have QuickBooks accounting software, then it is way simpler to automate their payroll software.

Besides creating a quality product and offering customer services, this certified payroll software accommodates client needs’ like multiple payment modes.

From data collection to providing accurate financial reports, QuickBooks online provides on-point services.

Also, it provides visual reports on profit and loss, customizes the invoice, and notifies your employees on the payment updates.

Other Features
  • A web-based tool with real-time finance monitoring.
  • Tax calculation, sales monitoring, and geofencing based time tracking.
  • Simplifies the accounting tasks by starting the pricing plan at $7.50.
  • Paychex Flex

Yet another small and medium based businesses friendly certified payroll software is Paychex Flex.

It offers excellent flexibility with payroll reporting through email, phone, or even manually so that your employees can access their salary details on any of their digital devices.

All the information in this certified payroll software is accessible directly from the cloud. The system also encompasses 401 k retirement services, insurance, HR, accounting, finance, and employee benefits.

Additionally, it provides core solutions to complex health rules and regulations.

Other Features
  • Delivers compliance management and tax compliance at ease.
  • Assist in determining the wage garnishment for your employees.
  • Facilitates employee onboarding and HR management.
  • Square Payroll

You might have heard or used Square’s point of sale product, which requires a Square magstripe reader.

Likewise, they also provide certified payroll software services to their customers.

It supports the paperless transaction campaign with its digital mode of accepting payments compatible with Android and Apple versions.

For future analysis, it stores all your transaction reports, sales reports, and digital receipts.

Interestingly, Square generates feedback based on the data you have recorded in it. These valuable insights help you in drawing inferences about your sales and revenue in no time.

Other Features
  • Separate employee portal for your employees’ access.
  • Pays W-2 employees and 1099 contractors.
  • Invariable overtime calculation and benefits management.
  • APS Payroll

It is tedious to manage many employees in a manufacturing company, too, with tax compliance and payroll management, it is even more tiring and time-consuming.

To subdue these complications, APS Payroll has all in one workforce management features like recruitment, attendance, onboarding, HR, applicant tracking, Payroll, and full-service tax compliance.

With the multivariate role in this certified payroll software, you can free up a lot of time and concentrate on tasks that matter to you the most.

Other Features
  • Alert you with potential errors in the payroll engine.
  • Customize deductions, income, accrual plans.
  • User-friendly interface with flexible features.
  • Everee

Everee is one of the affordable certified payroll software on this list. It has full-time to hourly payment customizable templates that fit your budget as well.

If you have just started the business, then Everee is a great choice for you.

It insists on electronic payments and simplifies complex tax calculations, whether it is for W-2 employees or 1099 contractors, or even both.

What is even cooler is their Everee mobile app; with just a few clicks, you can quickly transfer payments to your employees.

Other Features
  • Enhanced reporting and statistics on transactions.
  • Schedules interview and assist in employee onboarding.
  • Time tracking and expense tracking.


Have you gone through the entire list? Then, now it is the minute to decide which one is best for your payroll preferences.

As each certified payroll software has its pros and cons, you have to decide your “non-negotiable needs” and make a wise decision. Please, comment below what is your decision with us.

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