5 Facts That You Need to Know Today


Nowadays, many of us are craving to gain wisdom and know more things. As we live our everyday lives, we learn things that we don’t know before, like how an event unfolds, the origins of an item, and the details about humanity and animals. And even if we are done with school or studying, there is still room for more learnings. We can gain more knowledge by meeting new people and asking for different kinds of questions because we can learn anywhere we are if we want to.

Earth is full of surprises and wonderful things. There are various moments that many mysterious and unexplainable things can arouse our curiosity. The reason for that is because we love crazy and weird stuff, and we always search for it. With this guide’s help, you can learn some out of this world, crazy, unbelievable, and amazing facts that you might want to know. So here are some did you know facts that you need to know today.

You Can Find Most Plants in The Ocean

Plants that you can locate in the ocean are mostly algae, kelp, seagrass, and seaweed. What is more, the sea has approximately 228,450 familiar species and over two million more that experts do not know yet. Marine plants are also categorized into three classifications: euphotic/sunlit, aphotic/midnight, and dispothic/twilight.

A Cat Sleeps a Lot During its Lifetime

A cat spends most of its time sleeping during the day, and an average cat sleeps for 15 hours per day. Also, several cats can even doze off longer than normal, a total time of 20 hours a day. That is why these felines are most likely active at night and will have a long sleep throughout the day.

Australia is The Lone Continent With no Active Volcano

Australia is a big country with many beautiful places, and what makes it more appealing and safe from natural disasters is the fact that it has no active volcano. The nearby active volcanoes you can find are off Australia’s continent, but those volcanoes are still within Australia’s territory. You can locate one on McDonald Islands and the other one on Head Island. This country has no active volcano that you can find on the continent because it’s not on the plate boundary.

Giraffes Clean Their Ears With Their Tongue

One of the most interesting facts about giraffes is their tongue, and it is exceptionally long that it can reach and even clean its ears. A giraffe’s tongue usually measures for over 18-21 inches long. It is full of thick saliva and thickened papillae that guard the mouth against thorny leaves.

Our Brain is Made of 78% Water

The human body is incredible and mysterious. The body of a regular adult is composed of up to 60% of water. Research has shown that our human heart and brain are somewhere around 73% to 78% water.


If we are curious about anything, we should always feed our brains with the right fact or information. Still crave something new and gain more wisdom throughout your life because it might get handy. We need to remember that our knowledge is the weapon and shield that we use in our everyday battle.

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