Random Things: Surprising Facts That You Need to Know


We all know that life is full of surprises, and those surprises are making us more curious. To gain more knowledge, we need to study and ask many questions along the journey of life. This guide can help you learn some facts that are amazing and interesting. Aside from this article, you can also check out more random did you know facts. So here are some surprising facts that you need to know.

Koalas Can Sleep 18 Hours per Day

A koala generally sleeps an average of 18-22 hours per day. And most of the remaining hours are spent on eating and usually for mating. They need to sleep for a longer period to maintain and slow down metabolism, which helps save and conserve their strength. Through that, koalas will have enough energy to assimilate the food they eat properly.

A Sponge Can Hold More Cold Water Than The Hot Water

Many people use sponge every day to do the dishes or clean their cars. But there are things that you don’t know about this small piece of item. The reason that sponges cannot hold more hot water is because of the effects of water’s heat on the molecular level. Hot and cold water have two contrasting densities and regarding their molecules, they will react more differently when there is contact with the object. The water molecules of colder water will move slowly and won’t go in different directions from one another.

A Person Share Their Birthday With Other 19 Million Individuals

On an average note, individuals will have to share their birthday with 19 million more people from the 7 billion world population. If you are born in the least standard day of a year, you’ll still share your birthday with 18 million more people.

Cats Have One Hundred Vocal Cords

Unlike dogs that can only produce about ten vocalizations, cats can make a 100 or more different vocal sounds. They have a couple of primary vocal cords capable of creating above a hundred different sound types. Those vocal cords work in sync with the throat cartilage and the trachea.

Your Tongue Heals Faster Than The Other Parts of Your Body

Even though we are familiar with our bodies, there are still more things we don’t know about. There is always more mystery that we need to discover from our bodies. The human tongue heals faster than other body parts because it is rich in blood supply circulating in the mouth tongue. And it might also because our mouth is always replenishing our taste buds.

Cows Can’t Climb Downstairs

There are a lot of animal facts, but you might not know this one. The reason that cows cannot climb down is that they can’t easily see the floor right after stomping their feet. Their hips and knees are also the reasons why it’s difficult for cows to move in a downward position. Additionally, the extra weight of cows will make them lose their balance and fall over.


Now that you have more ideas about different and unknown facts, you might want to start learning more interesting facts. They are more facts about this world that you need to know; that’s why it is important always to read and research a lot of things. It would be best if you had the urge to gain more wisdom along the way.

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